YO = YARN OVER πŸ’– Step by Step Slowly with Studio Knit

Let’s knit increase stitches with YARN OVERS. Hello! I’m Kristen and welcome back to STUDIO KNIT. If you have a YO in your
pattern and you need to know how to do this knitting technique well this is an
increase yarn over stitch commonly used to make eyelets in lace patterns here’s
an example of my lace hearts pattern that uses yarn overs and multiple yarn
overs will create drop stitch patterns like my sea foam wave pattern beginning
with a swatch in pink yarn I am going to switch my yarn color to white that will
help you see the Knitting technique a lot easier I’m also filming close up
showing you the technique slowly and we are going to be repeating it so I’ll do
each technique three times so let’s knit it up for our first yarn
over we are going to be doing it when there is a knit stitch and then the
instruction is to yarn over and that is bringing your yarn between those two
needles and you’ll always want to think about a counter clockwise direction so
then you knit you take that yarn over wrapping it around as if to knit
normally everything is going counterclockwise you knit right through
it and here’s your increase so right there is your yarn over and then your
knit stitch here’s how it looks on the back so we are going to be repeating
this now we just did a knit stitch so we are yarning over and that is bringing
the yarn between the two needles to the front of your work and then the next
instruction is to knit so you just knit as you normally would and you take that
yarn from the front you’re wrapping it counterclockwise just like you would if
you’re doing a regular knit stitch you knit through and here again that’s
our little yarn over and that is our knit stitch let’s do one more for good
measure and we have that knit stitch so the next thing we do is yarn over
bringing our yarn to the front and then we are knitting one stitch wrapping it
around counterclockwise knitting through and that is a yarn over when you start
with a knit stitch you yarn over and you finish with a knit stitch if your first
stitch is a purl stitch now your yarn is already in the front of your work so you
are set up for success so that is actually your yarn over right there if
you first purl you have your yarn in the front so you can consider that a yarn
over because we are going to knit next and you’ll see the yarn is wrapping
around and doing that yarn over work when we’re starting from the front so we
go around counterclockwise that’s your yarn over and then you just
knit through and you’ll see when we began with a purl stitch our little yarn
over is right here and then that’s the knit stitch let’s do it again I’m going
to just do a simple purl stitch so that’s purling now your yarn is
already in the front so you are set up so let’s go ahead and we’ll do one knit
stitch so we just bring our needles into knitting one stitch and we wrap that
yarn around our right needle counterclockwise we knit through and
there we have our yarn over and our knit stitch right there okay one more time
I’m going to first purl a stitch and now as you know our yarn is in the front so
we are ready to do that yarn over knit all we have to do is put our
needle in as if to knit we are wrapping it around one time counterclockwise
knitting through and that is a yarn over when you begin purling then yarn over
and then one knit stood oh and if my video has been hopeful so far please
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like up this video it really helps me out and let’s take a quick look at
knitting our yarn overs on the wrong side of our work you’ll want to pay
attention to how your stitches are placed on your needle and make sure that
they’re not twisted a little bit which can happen when you’re doing your yarn
overs so you can see these are twisted right here this little crisscross and we
want to even those out before we knit them so I’m just going to take my
knitting needle and take that yarn over get him right into place and you know if
you get a little bit confused you can always look at your pattern see which is
your knit stitch your purl stitch your yarn over stitch and make sure that they
are placed on your needle in the order that they’re written in your pattern so on the wrong side of our work let’s
just go ahead and I’m going to knit this first stitch that was just a regular old
knit stitch for us on the right side of our work and now here is our yarn over
and you’ll see it looks different it’s a lot longer on your needle but you just
treat it the same as any other stitch and continue knitting or purling on the
wrong side of your work however the pattern tells you and let’s look one
more time here at how it looks a little bit different it’s a longer stitch that
yarn over you’ll see it’s a little bit looser too but just go ahead and either
knit or purl let’s purl this one right here and show
you that we treat it exactly as we would any other stitch on our needle I hope
you’re inspired to knit yarn overs with confidence in your next knitting project
when you see YO in that knitting pattern thank you so much for visiting
STUDIO KNIT I have more great knitting technique videos linked in the
description and please make sure you are subscribed to STUDIO KNIT. I look forward to seeing you here next time. BYE!

20 thoughts on “YO = YARN OVER πŸ’– Step by Step Slowly with Studio Knit

  • Welcome back, Studio Knitters! Give this YO a try while knitting my Lace Heart Eyelet Pattern… great for scarves! πŸ’– https://youtu.be/1ET4uETPzF8

  • Hi! I love your tutorials! I just started knitting and I found the tutorials very helpful! They help me a lot!

  • I can't tell you how helpful your videos have been! I watch them over and over again, to be sure I am doing the steps correctly or to refresh my mind on how something is to be completed.
    I just recently (in the last year?) picked my knitting back up from a long hiatus from it and can't tell you how happy I've been, between your videos and my local yard shop getting me really involved in my new favorite hobby (once again!).

  • Thanks! I have a really basic unrelated to YO cast on Q. How do I keep from casting on too tightly?

  • Your videos are incredibly helpful. I love the slow pace and the repetition. Thank you for using this format. Also, your nails are so pretty — love how they match your yarn!

  • hello! first of all, love your videos and the tone of your voice, it helps me tackle a new project ( or an old one too) now, I'm having a bit a trouble on a row of knitting project (I'll give you the like at the end) it's row 11 and it goes – K1, [*K4, YO, S2K, K1, P2SSO, YO, K3*]. I know to knit four, yarn over, slip 2 knitwise, but I know when I Knit one, it's going to leave a weird stitch…and also the video is from a woman with a different (country) accent and I'm trying to do this. I'm thinking maybe just do the knit in the video way or try another way? what do you think? here's the video!


  • Thank you for including the follow up of making a YO, knitting the YO. I've been through several other videos that only show how to make the YO but not how to knit or purl it on the wrong side of the work. It's just logical that that's what happens next, but how does one do it? Do I go in through the front leg, grab it from the back? Thank you for showing and explaining this, because as I was about to give up in frustration, I surely would have twisted the YO on the wrong side and never known. Thank you!

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