Yarn on the beach 001 with Kristin Omdahl Knitting and Crocheting at Beach Sunrise

hey birdie good morning and anybody that cares to
join me this morning I am working on a new sweater project in be so brave yarn
it’s a top down Raglan sweater and as you may or may not already know I do a
lot of work on the road being a single mom
traveling tennis mom and this morning I have a little time to myself before I
take marlin to his next tennis tournament and I thought that I would
sneak on down to the beach but instead of a walk I was going to work on a
project and it’s a little chilly for my Florida blood
it’s just 49 50 degrees or so right now and a little bundled up but working on
my sweater and I thought you might like to join me so let’s enjoy the beautiful
sound of the waves enjoy watching the Sun rise over us and work on a little
crochet I may not be able to read your comments
this morning but when I get back to the car later or back to my office later I
will definitely get a chance to reply and thank you so much to all of you who
decide to join me good morning Anna thanks for watching hope you enjoy the
beautiful beach sunrise with me this morning maybe you have some yarn with
you as well and I just thought it’d be fun for us to enjoy the sunrise on the
beach together so grab your coffee grab your tea grab your yarn and let’s enjoy
this together hi rose glad to hear that that’s
wonderful a good morning Janet thank you all for joining me I hope that we can
all enjoy this Beach sunrise together ester it comes with lots and lots of
experience I spend a good portion of my day knitting and crocheting so after all
these years I should hope I’d be fast the sun’s starting to peak over the
trees Thank You Marie this is called orange
sickle it’s a bright red based orange in be so brave yarn 100% American merino
wool worsted weight I’m making a top down Raglan shaped crochet cardigan I
lifted up for a new book got well past this
armhole openings working on the body now it’s a beautiful offset eyelet pattern I made the chart first then started
crocheting from the top then depending on the sizing I will
write the pattern when I write all of the sizes at the same time but I start
with the chart before starting with the project and I’ll want to size it in many
sizes so I start thinking about the math in my head as I’m making the garment and
will write the pattern when I write all the sizes thank you so much everyone I’m
glad you enjoy this I hope you can enjoy the beach sunrise with me maybe grab
your yarn or grab your coffee or tea or what have you and maybe we can all enjoy
this together I thanks Kathy I’m glad you think so it came up with the idea from a few
different angles first of all you know that old expression and I’m probably
going to butcher it because I’m really good at butchering expressions when you
say you walk the walk now I forget the rest of it anyway but you know how when
people are practice what you preach and I talk about knitting and crocheting
every day and you know I really do and I talk about working from my car and
working from the beach and fitting in knitting and crochet everywhere I go and
I talk about it all the time but I thought it’d be really fun to show you
yes piers I’m gonna be in a weird spot on
just about any day and I’m still gonna find time to knit and crochet and I
thought how fun would it be to share it with you and if I’m in an amazing
location which a lot of nature is amazing here in Florida then not only
can I share the crafting with you but I can also share my beautiful natural
surroundings so whether you join me with a beverage
join me with your yarn and we can knit and crochet together or just join me I
think it would be really fun to share all of it thank you for joining me misty
miss Detroit is that your name miss Det I came up with the stitch pattern as I
was drawing the chart but it’s an offset shell in a in a double crochet base I’ll
put it up closer I’ll be sharing it in a lot more detail
when the book comes out for this project and working on a book
well actually I’m working on several books right now I have a book on
unstructured garments a book on home deck and this is more of a top-down
Construction garment and I know isn’t that silly I am so cold but I really
don’t have the right shoes to live in cold weather and it’s I wear the layers
very temporarily it’ll still get warm very quickly after the Sun comes up but
it’s like 30s and 40s in the morning and then still goes up to 60 so I wear my
Michigan layers just because that’s what I have in my closet and then I peel them
back when it gets more comfortable outside and yes I get laughed at in the
grocery store and anywhere else I go but I don’t really care maybe we’ll see a dolphin oh I missed
that message miss Detroit said you’re coming this way in April you’re coming
to Southwest Florida or just Florida in general boy these body rows are long once you
get to the bottom of a top-down sweater good morning Laura thanks for joining
Oh Detroit or miss Detroit you’re going to Disney oh that’ll be fun
that’s about four hours north of where I live I live as far south as you can go
on the south west coast of Florida so opposite Miami on the Gulf of Mexico
side Annie I’m not excluding you specifically
good morning Annie I just happened to see messages as I look up thank you for
joining I’ve never been to India that would be a
wonderful trip Suns starting to come around the trees if anyone’s interested I’ll show you
what the other side looks like – it’s really pretty maybe you can kind of see there the Sun
starting to come up over the trees and back to the beach how can you get my yarn in Indiana I
sell all of my yarns on my website I ship daily worldwide actually not just
us but all over the world so please visit Kristin and all calm and you can
shop all of my yarns there Ronnie thank you so much I would absolutely love to
visit India one day love to maybe we can coordinate it with a book tour one day hi Andy from Germany thanks for joining well merry Christmas to you too Annie
thank you thank you very much happy holidays to everyone regardless of what
holidays you celebrate and Merry Christmas to those of you who are
Christian Happy Hanukkah as well the messages go by so quickly on YouTube
live so I apologize if I’m missing your message if they show up when the video
gets broadcast later today I will absolutely respond I try to make a point
to reply to every comment that I get on my youtube videos it’s impossible to do
it during live yeah that would be a lot of fun Ronnie really really hi ELISA
good morning hi Esther yes unfortunately that is part of shipping overseas not
just with my company with any company I’m sure you know that if you’ve ever
shopped overseas you do pay customs Keala I don’t know where Kerala is where
is that Annie here comes the Sun if anybody sees a dolphin let me know they haven’t really been looking that
way ELISA this is orange the called the red based orange and be so brave yarn
and any of you who are joining late welcome I am crocheting on the beach
this morning I thought that this might be a fun series of live videos that will
then get recorded by YouTube and I do a lot of work on the road whether it’s
in-between tennis tournaments in-between errands and I thought it would be really
fun to show you that I do practice what I preach that there’s always time to
knit and crochet and I have so many beautiful natural locations here in
Florida that I thought it was twofold I could knit and crochet with you show
you my beautiful natural settings in Florida and you could either join me
with a beverage of your choice or join me with your yarn and we could work
together this is a top down cardigan that I’m working on for a new book and
it’s done in an offset pan offset nutshell offset eyelet pattern that I
designed in a chart before starting the sweater and I will write the pattern
when I get done with it and I’m ready to write the different sizes as well it
usually write patterns from extra small through
three or four X and so as I’m working on a garment I start thinking in my head of
the spatial math of what will make sense in the different sizes so I’m able to
create the raglan shape from the chart is your yes Annie my yarn is on
available on Amazon as well yep so if you’re an Amazon shopper you can get my
yarns there yes be so fine yarn is fingering weight
and be so sporty yarn and be so serene yarn our sport wait and be so tender be
so brave and be so bold are all worsted weight can I put a graphic pattern before you
start a stitch yes I do draw lots of charts and I usually include them with
my patterns this particular pattern is not yet written not yet published Sula
thank you so much thank you for joining me this morning I really appreciate it
but most of the time when I share a pattern if it is possible to share a
chart along with it I absolutely do that all of my books come with charts I’ve got my tails wound together now that’s already warmer oh I understand those spices yes I am
familiar with where that is and you were asking me if my yarns were available
there I believe and I do ship to India I ship all over the world you can shop all
my yarns at christening dalkom the link is on this page and I also ship
worldwide I saw someone ask if I’m coming to Ohio
I will definitely share with you if if and when I go back on the road hoping to
go back on the road when I have some more books published and I’m working on
a bunch of them right now hopefully a book tour will come after
that wouldn’t that be fun a traveling book tour with trunk show
and yarn kits that’s the goal just have to get a few more steps in
place the first of the books that I’m working
on right now lovingly titled working title book 14 is in the hands of my
technical editor right now and she’s about halfway through and I’ve been
revising things as we go so that there will not be any downtime between her
edits and getting them proper finished and as soon as she’s done she’ll be
shipping the samples back to me and I will be able to do photography layout
and get the book to print very very very exciting somebody asked me how long I’ve
been crocheting I’ve been knitting and crocheting about 16 years now I started
when I was pregnant with my son who is now 15 and wanted to learn how to make
baby booties when I was pregnant with him and never stopped after that
ah here comes the Sun now for real now we’ve got the Sun what a beautiful day
this is going to be I have a change of layers in the car
because I won’t need my Michigan down parka any ports a day
now I will switch to my regular winter wardrobe of a jean jacket I might leave
my collar on though this is one of my favorite knitting
patterns that you can download on my website it’s beautiful cowl in be so
brave yarn knit with three balls it’s a beautiful beautiful stitch pattern
hi yester I come from a background from fashion and modeling industry and also
went to school for sewing and after the an I mom did a lot of studying in math
and spatial math and I feel like all of that kind of came together and was like
a an alternative version of studying InDesign so I did not go to fashion
school per se but I’ve learned a lot of it along the way let’s see what time is it oh wow it’s
twenty-one minutes gone by already I probably have to go soon it’s time to go
pick up Marlon and take him to his tournament what I do do is drop him off
at his training academy around 7:00 7:15 in the morning Annie yes I am on all
social media I’m on Facebook Instagram Twitter I have a blog as well and you
can find me on Pinterest as well you can find me on all social media same as on
YouTube just by my full name Kristen and all that is also the name of my website
Kristen am dalkom and you can get all of those links in my youtube channel if you
have any trouble remembering that so anyway so I dropped him off at 7:15
came down here this morning and now it’s time to go back and pick him up and take
him to a tournament where I will be knitting and crocheting outside as well
I’ll show you I have a knit project in my bag too in a crochet bag this is
another free pattern on my website this is a market bag
super cute you can get the videos for all of these projects on youtube as well
so if you search on my youtube channel through the playlists or just in the
search bar you can find all of these free tutorials anyway this is a inside
this bag is a secret knitting project that I probably can’t show you because
it’s for another company and oh I can show you another one in this organic
cotton project bag which you can buy on my website super cute is a project that
I’ve been working on the road at tennis tournaments pretty much exclusively and
it’s a poncho for one of the new books coming I believe this is book 16 and
isn’t that a beautiful stitch pattern it uses be so sporty yarn in colors
lavender and lilac memories and who knew purple and purple that looks so
beautiful together I cannot wait to finish this one and wear it so anyway so
that’s that’s why I carry such a giant bag I fill it with lots of projects and
you know it’s kind of fun to have multiple projects because you might get
stumped on something you might think something needs a
you may just not be feeling it you may need to just get a change of pace I saw
a comment but couldn’t see who it was that purple was the color of the year
for 2018 and yes it is ultraviolet is what they’re calling it and if you go to
my website most of my yarns have a color like that
and hi Linda I can see that you wrote something really nice about shopping
with me and I really appreciate it it just went by too quickly for me to read
it but thank you I appreciate it so much okay time to pack up and move to my next
location if I get a chance maybe I will show you where I’m at in the tournament
depends on how long I’m there today but I want to thank all of you for joining
me this morning I hope you had as much fun as I did hope you can hear the beach
as well as I can and see the Sun coming up so pretty
the only thing missing I suppose is getting to smell the salt air but it’s
wonderful hopefully you get a chance to come down
here and appreciate it in person one day maybe you already do maybe you have some
beautiful nature where you live as well hope you make time to knit and crochet
today and I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me and I hope we can do it again
soon have a wonderful day good luck varlyn and I’ll talk to you
soon bye you

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