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Shopping for yarn can be intimidating to
new knitters and crocheters because there are so many types of yarn to choose from. Today I’m gonna I walk you through several kinds of yarn and the best types
of projects to make for each of them. Baby yarns are super soft and they’re great for making hats, baby blankets, and other wearables. The best part is that they’re machine washable and dryable. 100% cotton yarns are great for projects that need to be sturdy and durable because it won’t stretch. Things like dishcloths and tote
bags and amigurumi characters. Wool yarns are bulky and perfect for cold weather projects, like blankets, scarves, hats, and even ear warmers, like this one here. At Michaels, we carry wool blends, which have the feel, warmth, and softness of wool but with the easy care of acrylic yarn. Craft yarn is generally a hundred percent acrylic and it’s great for crafting items like wrapping it around something or for decor. It’s not really ideal for wearable items. Acrylic yarn, like craft yarn, is a hundred percent acrylic but it’s much softer so it’s great for creating things like hats,
scarves, blankets, and other wearable items. Plus it’s easily washable. Super
bulky yarns are the heaviest weight of yarns, meaning that they’re the thickest.
This is a great yarn to use for arm knitting and finger crochet projects. Those
projects work up really quickly because of the thickness of the yarn. These are just a few of our most popular yarns but we have many more colors and styles
in store.

7 thoughts on “Yarn 101: Which Kind to Use | All Things Yarn | Michaels

  • Don't miss lead about the red heart yarn only use is crafting only. I use it for everthing. it's strong and it's warm for wearing as a scarf or as a throw blanket. it also last a long long time. I have my first granny square blanket I made at 14 yrs old . that's 36 yrs ago and it warm and still looks great and haven't falling apart like those other expensive yarn that don't last long. don't miss guide the people on yarn. for people to buy unnecessary expensive yarn that falls apart. that's bad advertising.

  • I love your yarn options and your video tutorials but I am looking for tutorials on you Knitting machine. I would love to see projects made with this knitting machine. I just started a Facebook group supporting the folks who have purchased it and we can not find any videos from Michael's supporting projects. the link to my group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/378260842529594/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED.

  • Does anyone know if there's a specific yarn for making a backpack? I saw a lady make one and the yarn seemed stiff, almost a cross between hemp and plastic…wish I had asked her๐Ÿ˜”

  • very good shop but unfortunatly the shipping prises are expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

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