Xyron Holiday Ornament and Fridge Magnet Project

Beth Kingston: Welcome to Xyron’s Inspiration
in Motion. You already love Xyron products for their
use in scrapbooking, but did you also know that Xyron is terrific for kids’ crafts, home
decor, school projects and more. We’ve created some short project videos to
get your creative juices flowing. So, come on in! Beth Kingston: Hi, I’m Beth Kingston and this
is my friend Jessica Barnett who threatened to leave me in the parking lot if I didn’t
bring her, so here she is! She’s also going crafty and she’s come up
with some great project ideas for the holidays. So we are going to make two different ornaments,
one is going to be made out of glass and one is going to become a chipboard bridge photo
magnet. Darling. These are some different samples that we’ve
put together already with the glass magnet. So, if you were going to do some of these
projects, you could actually put a photo in the back. You can put pattern paper so you can see really
clearly some beautiful definition. I also like the fact that you can use… this
was cut out using our personal cutting system. You can also use a Wishblade or another die
cutting machine and because it gives you edge to edge adhesive when you put it through,
there’s none of the little goopies. You know how I feel about the goopies. Jessica Barnett: Yes. We don’t like them. Beth Kingston: We don’t like them. No. So, we are going to show you how to make your
fabulous glass ornament. Ribbon for you to put through the 150…sorry,
the 1.5 inch Create-A-Sticker. Jessica Barnett: Get it right. Beth Kingston: You know, the X. The thing over there. Jessica Barnett: Okay, I’m going to go ahead
and feed this little piece of ribbon in here. I’m just going to pull that through and tear
it off. Beth Kingston: While she’s doing that, I’m
going to use the 2.5 inch Create-A-Sticker, also known as the 250 to create something
to put on the top of our ornament. This is just a piece of chipboard, a cut out
star. I’m actually going to insert it in the machine,
roll it through and I have permanent adhesive in here. Cut this off, use some scissors… thank you…
to do a little rough cutting around this. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be right up against the
edge. So, once I’ve got this cut, I’m actually going
to put it back in the machine with the backing side face up with the backing. Run it through again. Peel it off. And then I’m going to take the backing, which
is now on the top, peel it off of the top. We’re so crafty! Now, what we are going to do that makes this
too much fun for words is we are going to use glitter. You know we love the glitter. So, I’m just going to shake this on here and
then you just peel this right off. Put that on our beautiful ornament. Jessica Barnett: I will. I’m going to kind of flip this over. Beth Kingston: Oh, that’s so cute! And you can put something on the back if you’d
like, but I think that is just beautiful and I totally love it and you’re very creative
for coming up with this. So, let me get rid of this fabulousness and
let’s go ahead and work on our bridge photo. Jessica Barnett: We started with just, I mean
the picture has to be at least large enough to fill the opening in your ornament so it
doesn’t have to be a 4 x 6 or anything. Beth Kingston: So, I’m going to run this through
our 5 inch Creative Station, which is also known as the 510, while you are doing something
else. Jessica Barnett: I’m going to go on the back
side of this and I’ve already trimmed it so that it will sit behind this, just to kind
of hold it in place. Beth Kingston: Oh, good and I’ve run the top
of the ornament through the 5 inch so it’s nice and stick on the back. So, if you want to put that on. Now what I’m going to do is switch out the
refill so that we can make this into a fridge photo and the amazing thing…one of the many
amazing thing about this machine is that you can just switch out the refills as you wish. You don’t have to use all of the permanent
adhesive before you use the laminate magnet, so that makes it nice. So, you just pull this out and set it somewhere. So, you just slide the adhesive back in. There’s actually a plastic bar inside and
it says right on the bar, “Place film under this bar.” You really need to make sure that you do that
so that it will go through the rollers and you won’t have any issue and you just close
it up. Have at it. Show us your craftiness. And once it’s cleared the bar, you are just
going to slide that orange blade across and that’s going to cut it for you and then we
are going to cut it right up. Jessica Barnett: Do you want me to cut it
out? Beth Kingston: No, I’ll cut it out. Jessica Barnett: Okay. Beth Kingston: So, what are you doing for
the holidays this year? Jessica Barnett: Oh, goodness. Beth Kingston: Making ornaments, obviously. Being crafty. Jessica Barnett: Yes. Beth Kingston: For more project ideas and
further information about holiday projects, go to xyron.com/projects. Happy Holidays to you! Jessica Barnett: Thanks. You too!

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