Woolen Ellen

– A lot of people
send me things, and I– when we’re gone a week,
we go through all the stuff, and, like, “Oh, what did I get
while I was gone?” And, um, someone
sent me this. I want to show it to you. And… [laughter] Now, in case you don’t know,
it’s an Ellen doll. And this is exactly what
I look like when I’m not wearing
my dentures, so… [laughter] It’s–it’s made out of wool,
So I have to be careful not to play with it
in the rain, but it really is, uh, look at the–it was made by,
uh, someone named Janine, or, uh, yeah, Janine Ekhardt
in Parker, Colorado, and here’s the letter
she sent. She said, “Dear Ellen,
first three things to know. “Number one,
I’m a huge fan of yours. “Number two, I needle felted
this doll for you. And number three, I assure you
I’m not crazy.” [laughter] That’s definitely not something
a crazy person would say. They–they let you know
they’re not crazy. She made an accessory also, and here it is
right here, and it’s a boombox. And at first, I thought it
was a purse, and I was, like,
“I don’t carry a purse,” and then I thought,
“Well then, I don’t carry
a boombox either,” but, uh, but thank you,
Janine. This is really great.
I don’t think you’re crazy. It’s very nice.
It’s really, really– I don’t know how you did this,
but it’s impressive.

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