14 thoughts on “Wool: Australia’s Secret Shame

  • I wonder why they don't kill the sheep first before skinning it. I mean, I'm sure its not that hard to kill a sheep with a gun or something, unless they're that cheap. Just wondering. Couldn't they even stun them with those gun things that stun pigs and cows before slaughtering?

  • WHAT THE F—-?! Poor sheep. Do you think they WANT to even be there? Don't you think they want to be in a nice green field, eating grass under the sun and having the time of their lives – just like you? I will never ever ever ever ever wear wool again. NEVER. I am a vegetarian right now, but will turn vegan soon. This is so messed up. What the h—- is the world doing? Why even transport the animals if they're just gonna die there? wtf, some humans are so effed up and stupid -.- poor animals.

  • Being a little cruel to ultimately be kind? Yeah, i think that's some-what reasonable. Damn i mean i cut my leg up, and broke it quite bad when i crashed my bike. I can guarantee THAT was a lot more painful than this. Major pain is gone in a day or so.

  • They don't cut the Sheep's skin unless it is an accident and the sheep being blankly down is just standard procedure for shearing it

  • You won't pull the wool over my eyes, thisstory sounded sheepish from the start. A double serving of lamb-chops with my potatoes tonight.

  • There is no way I can remain silent after my senses have been assaulted by this video. I would be surprised first of all if ONLY  Australia uses these practices.. I for one, will never buy another pair of UGGS. My main concern is that this approach which people claim to be beneficial in combating "flystrike" is performed so brutally,  administered without anesthetic or any  type of pain relief for these animals, or any other  helpless animal for that matter..?
      And  what of the unbelievable suffering they undergo during the conditions during export and transport  ??  This leaves my heart raw with sadness and indignation in equal measure.
      "The root of all suffering is ignorance"  Let's use our awareness, education and compassion in every way we can!  Any small  action in our part is much better than apathy.

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