Woodturning Christmas Ornaments with Rex and Kip – Vol 6 (woodturning DVD preview)

We’re going to use this piece of Goncalo Alves to make a
Christmas ornament that looks like this a nice bell shape but one of the things
that’s fun about this ornament is that it’s actually a lidded container
you can see if you pull on the handle the lid pops of and here’s this nice container you could
put a ring in or a set of small earrings or even possibly a
small necklace which would make a very nice gift concealed inside a Christmas ornament we’re also going to decorate this with
some wire burn lines, you can see these black lines right here and we’ll put those on using a wire burner
so we’ll mount this piece of Goncalo Alves inbetween centers and get started on this
bell box ornament …I’m going to begin here with a 1/4″ scraper starting at the center of the wood and then working toward the outside of the cut I can cut with both the face of the tool
and also with the left edge as you can see here the tool is held about parallel to the bed of the lathe
almost horizontal but slightly angled downward toward the tip I’m going to turn the speed of the
lathe up which helps get more friction and then simply lay the wire
down into the grooves that I’ve made put tension on the wire and it’ll burn
those nice, dark lines the bird house ornament that I’m going
to demonstrate is one of this design
the first thing I’m going to do is I’ll turn the body, the second thing I
will do is I will turn the roof and then later on make the finial and the perch and then show you know the whole
bird house is assembled these are also hollowed out and so that’s part of the process – the first thing the first thing I need to do is to rough out the bottom, the base blank, into a cylinder these will take probably two wet coats like this and let them
sit for several hours or preferably overnight and then if they’re rough at all I’ll put them back on the mandrels and sand
them lightly or steel wool them until you get the finish that you like I prefer a semi-gloss finish but I do want a definite finish on the pieces and once this is done the only thing left
is left to do is to turn the finials and assemble the unit

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