Woodblock Printmaking Basics: 5 – Bench Hook (for Linocut too)

Hey welcome back to Diode Press, I’m Graham.
So today’s video is going to be a quick one about how to make a Bench Hook.
So if you watched the first video in the printmaking series, I briefly discussed what a bench hook
is for, and how to use them. and so if you want to go ahead and make your own, I’m going
to go through it in this video. It’s really only three pieces of wood, and it’s really
quick. So For the base of the bench hook I’m using
an 8” by 12” piece of ¼” thick plywood from the hobby shop. You can really make this whatever size best
fits your workspace. I do a lot of small prints, so this was a good size for me. I also picked up a few pieces of this ½ square
wood. I’ll have a list of all the materials The first step is to cut down a strip of wood
to match the width of the bench hook. This will be the strip that sits along the edge
of your desk on the bottom side of the bench hook. So Line it up with the base panel and
mark it off. Now for the back rail, you want to mark this
piece to length, but you also need to have an opening in the middle. This allows you
to rotate the block around to any angle you want easily. So since my base is 8” wide, and I want
a 1” gap in the middle, I mark out two 3 and a half inch long strips to cut down. I’m using a small miter box to make straight
cuts, but it’s not really critical for this project. Once it’s all cut I smooth it all out with
some sandpaper. To put it all together You’ll just need
some wood glue and clamps, and either a nail gun or just a hammer and nails. For the long piece of ½” wood, I put a
bead of glue down, and then clamp and nail it down. My staple gun doesn’t have the
power to go through this all, so I give it a little help with a hammer. Then I glue on the two shorter pieces to the
other end of the bench hook. Make sure these are on the other side of the panel than the
first strip you nailed on is. And that’s it! You can paint it, or stain
it or whatever to make it look how you want. But now you have a place to safely hold your
wood or lino block while you carve away from yourself. And if you want to rotate the block to any
angle, you just stick it in the opening and rotate to whatever angle you want.
alright so that’s quick and easy to make! so make sure to click over here for the other
videos in the woodcut series. and make sure to subscribe to the channel
to keep up with new projects, thank’s so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

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