Wood Turning Project: Pen Turning : Pen Turning: Wire Burners & Steel Wool Sanding

I’m also going to add a little bit of detail
right here with a wire burner. And so I’ll take a skew, which is this tool here, and
with the toe of the skew–or the long point–I’m going to make a couple small V grooves about
a sixteenth of an inch apart. And then I’ll take this wire burner here–this is a piece
of high carbon steel wire, piano wire or guitar string–and I’m going to hold it in there
and burn those lines. Now you’ll notice there that you get some residue from the wire burner,
some burn residue. So I’m going to sand that off. And need to sand with the grain again
here a little bit. And then the final part of the sanding process here is to take some
steel wool and to give it a nice sheen with some some four ounce steel wool. First with
the lathe on, then we’ll turn the lathe off. And again, go with the grain. Looks good.

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