Why does Nithyananda sit on a Golden Throne?

Why does Nithyananda sit on a golden throne? I’m neither arrogant nor humble please understand When I utter these words, I am not egoistic, I am not arrogant. When a doctor introduces himself as a doctor he is not egoistic or arrogant. He is straight! Same way I am straight. I am neither egoistic nor humble. And I don’t claim that I am humble and all that See how I am sitting I am not humble. No, really! People ask me. Why are you wearing all these jewels ? Why are you sitting on the throne? It’s a tradition. It’s a Hindu tradition. If I don’t use all of this, it will be forgotten. We will lose our lifestyle. In next 20-30 years. Which I don’t want. Please understand, I am here to revive not just enlightenment science of Hindu tradition, I am here to revive food style, dressing style, living style, the construction, jewellery everything of Sanatana Hindu dharma. back to life. I am very clear. I am here to revive everything! All dimensions, of Sanatana Hindu dharma – Hindu tradition. the way we cook, the way we eat, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves, the way we do construction The way we dress up, the way we wear jewellery, everything! I am trying to revive; I tell you, it is not that costly as you think it is much cheaper than many of the rolling chairs your CEOS are using. And it is not about cost, it is about standing up for the tradition. Standing up for the tradition. And I am very clear, I wanted to revive everything! if I don’t use, how will I revive ? How will I make a statement to all of you ? You need to know, this is not gold. people think it is gold, it is not gold. It’s gold painted. But we don’t respect this because its gold or not. We respect this because its our tradition. I don’t know how many of you know, everytime before sitting on it, I bow down to it. Only the disciples who lived around me knows. Everytime before I sit on it, I bow down to it. because it represent Guru Parampara for us. It’s called Vyasa Peeta! It represents Guru Parampara for us. So for us it is not gold, it is represents all the Gurus who lived before me. From Mahadeva till my Guru. All of them are represented by it.

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