What’s Happening on the Farm…Trimming Christmas Trees

Good Morning My name is William Cackler, Cackler Family Farms, Delaware, Ohio, we’re going to be talking about Currently on the farm we’re shearing Trees Basically Because of Genetics Not all the trees are gonna be quote perfect Christmas trees so what We Have to do is go in here and fix them Because What the customer wants is uniform Density The Right Color Straight and Things Like That so what We have to do here is basically give them that if they’re going to buy the trees We have to basically set the trees Up for future success so what i would do with This tree is Stop the height grow Make the size uniform And we do That Once a Year Until the tree is Marketed Obviously not all trees Make Christmas tree quality So what we do what I do is I flag those trees so by shearing crew does not work them and these trees Will go To my wife and our wreath makers and that would be supply of greens to make wreaths from on this tree you can see we use bamboo stakes What we do we want the thermal in the vertical Position to keep the tree straight So we don’t have any Crooked Trees Because the customers do not Like crooked trees My Son-in-Law is working the trees this morning the sides of trees what work with what we’ll call the shearing machine Basically We Just Want Uniformity of Branching on the tree to make It a Little easier on the customer maybe to hang The ornaments on the tree The Months of January February And March Are Kind of Slow What we do on this farm is basically When This When a tree is cut and cut the stump and Ground Level with Chainsaw then the New tree will be put in You Know it was cut in December; The New tree Will go in the next year probably in April it’s when we Plant okay all we do we don’t pick the stumps out we Just offset from the stump we all Grew The trees in So the Month of April is basically it’s the planting Month we can Extend It Into Early May It don’t like you because the window is closing down When I put the tree in the ground and When we’re going to hit the Dry season so I want I want that link to Be as much as possible so I try to get the trees in an April so they can acclimate Their Root Systems Better to the dry conditions. They’re very sensitive the first year to dry Conditions May Basically We Fertilize Things Like That come June we Will Start Shearing Trees. Last Half The month of June all Dry on August all September and probably into October okay come October we tag 3,000 trees for sale so we measure the trees for Height Identify the tree so the customer knows exactly what they’re getting and price and then comes sale season so all through December we’re selling trees

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