What is Velcro or Hook and Loop Tape

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my name is Laura. And did you know that there’s more than one type of Velcro? We’re all familiar with the regular velcro. You have a rough side and you have a soft side. You must have the two different pieces in order for it to work or it won’t stick; the two soft sides are not going to go together and the two rough sites will not stick together. You must have the two separate pieces. When you apply this you need to also take into consideration what side is going to be facing the skin. If you’re putting it on the shirt you’re going to need the rough side towards the skin so that the soft side will come to the top so if you do not get it exact it’s not going to hurt the skin. If the soft side is sewn onto the shirt towards the skin and you don’t get this exactly on, it can be very uncomfortable towards the skin if you’ve gone off of that tape a little. The other thing is is this rough side really can snag up on things. Well the new Velcro has taken that into consideration and the new Velcro is snag-free and you only need one piece. What has been done is the two pieces have been joined together. So this has the rough and the soft side built right inside, so it will attach onto itself. And because the soft side is in there it’s softer against the skin so it doesn’t matter which side you sew down first. It is softer on the skin and it doesn’t snag on anything. Now you only need to buy one piece and it sticks onto itself. So the old style of Velcro still works great but the new one, well, it just has a couple of great features. Thank you for joining me today on Tuesday’s Tips from SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time in the sewing room. Bye for now.

16 thoughts on “What is Velcro or Hook and Loop Tape

  • Yes ma'am! I bought a roll of the newer kind several years ago and it comes in handy for SO many practical things. I previously avoided the original kind in sewing projects because of its scratchiness. That was a great tip on putting the wrong side of the original velcro's rough side toward the skin – such common sense (I didn't seem to have back then). Thanks

  • I am not traditionally a big fan of Velcro but this newer type might be something worth considering. I have snagged (and wrecked) a few things with the old stuff so this just might be the ticket. I look forward to Tuesdays !!

  • I have used miles of the old type during my days of theatre costuming……nice to see an improvement on an old product

  • Thanks so much Laura.  Wow, I can always count on you for the latest tips!!!  I did not see the new velcro, yet, however on my next trip to the store , I will pick some up,    Just love this channel 🙂

  • Hello, I am looking for a velcro that is on one of my daughters dolls dresses, it is still 2 sides, but so soft and very thin, and very high quality… I cannot find it anywhere. If you are ever in a toy shop and see a Lalaloopsy Doll with a dress on have a feel…. it feels amazing x

  • Hi Laura. I always wondered what no snag Velcro was when I saw the package at the store. I have been using "One Way" Velcro which is a little different. The front of the strip is the fuzzy side and the back is the hook part so folded back on itself it hooks together. I'm thinking this is different from the no snag Velcro because there's no hooks on the fuzzy side. Thank you for sharing. I'm learning so much from this and your other videos. I have to go now and watch another one. Carol S.

  • I have velco for my rug so it won't move out of place it works decently I hung my classic playstion on the wall it works good

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