What is Merino Wool? 🐑 – Yarn University #1

Even if you’ve never knit a stitch, there
is a good chance you’re familiar with merino wool. But what does that actually
mean? Merino refers to the sheep breed that
began in 12th century Spain. This famous breed is known for its remarkably soft
wool which is why you’ll find it in luxury knitwear. Unfortunately merino
wool has more softness than strength. It’s less durable than some other wools
so use this for projects that won’t get a lot of wear and tear. Of course you can
find yarns that combine the plush texture of merino with longevity of
another fiber such as merino nylon blends that are warm, soft, and will stand
the test of time making them perfect for projects like socks. Merino sheep which
are now raised around the world grow wool year-round and don’t usually shed
their fleece so they need to be shorn regularly to keep them comfortable. A
runaway merino named Shrek became famous after hiding out from his haircut for
six years. When he finally was shorn, his fleece with sixty pounds. That’s six
times the average! Do you love knitting or crocheting with merino wool? Leave a
comment below with your favorite merino project. And stay tuned for a video on
superwash merino!

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