Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch

Hey everyone here we are and we’re ready
to come to your YouTube channel I’m Amanda I’m Ashleigh and together we
are The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery over the past two years we’ve had so many
requests from you to please start a YouTube channel so a little bit about
who we are we are The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery you may know us from such
designs as A Very Merry Christmas Town Mysterious Halloween Town along with our
collection of seasonal sayings and our brand new Autumn Skies pattern. We’ve
been in business for almost 10 years now just about just about 10 years so that’s
really exciting and that was definitely a motivating factor! We’re doing this
for 10 years we should definitely put ourselves out there a little bit more
because you guys are so supportive of us and we definitely should be sharing a
little more behind the scenes with you and we think it would be really fun! So I
am Amanda and a few things about me when I’m not working at The Frosted Pumpkin
Stitchery I like to sew. Ashleigh and I both have recently gotten into clothing
sewing! So what are you wearing right now? I’m wearing my hinterland dress that I
made a month or so ago yet I haven’t really taken it off much I’ve made it
she has been hinterland crazy and to the point where I’m kind of like maybe I
should make it hinterland too and a good story about the fabric our co-worker
Belinda she is in Australia and she shipped us a neat package of fabric from
spotlight, spotty, spotty which we heard you called which
is adorable and that was awesome to receive and it’s just been it’s really
fun to see how like other big chain stores around the world
sell fabric and she made this dress and I wish that now I had picked this fabric
too today I’m wearing Megan Nielsen’s Curved Briar which is a t-shirt this
fabric actually came from you. Did it? *laughter* Ashleigh gave me a gift card –
that’s right okay she gave me a gift card – Hart’s fabric two years two years
ago and it worked out really good because it was a flash sale on my
birthday weekend yeah it was awesome worked out so well so from this I got
this Curve and a Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan so I have a t-shirt and a
cardigan if I wear them both at the same time I’ll just be like a small evergreen
tree and then my pinafore is York? York Pinafore from Helen’s Closet and you cut
out one – I did, I haven’t made it yet but it’s all cut and ready to go. So one
thing is that we should probably have a little bit of disclaimer while we are
obviously cross-stitch crazy because we own the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and we
love cross stitch, our video isn’t going to be just 100% floss tube I’m thinking
of it as more like a craft channel because I like to like it like I
mentioned we both like – so you like to knit I do she’s a really good knitter
beautiful shawls. How many shawls? I was trying to do one a month for a
full year and I think I got to 12 and I’m probably only up to like 20 now
though altogether. “only” *wink* so she it makes absolutely beautiful shawls and I know
that a lot of you who follow us you’re not just stitchers, like we have
a whole bunch of friends who are knitters or spinners, weavers, dyers
quilters, garments sewers, journalists like we have such an amazing community of
crafters behind us that we want to share all the crafty things that we enjoy and
you enjoy but we will of course be sharing a lot about The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
because that’s us, that’s our job *laughs* we love it and we want to share a lot of
it with you so in addition to sewing I also like to swim and I also really like
to watch kdramas on the couch that’s it sometimes I do journal I really love the
Hobonichi system from Japan Ashleigh also is a Hobonichi fan
and so my my job in the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is if you send an email likely
I’m the person you’re chatting with I also do a lot of our social media,
advertising, my favorite part of my job is shipping. For some reason I absolutely
just love writing your name saying you know, thank you for your order getting it
out there. We have a really great relationship with our post office in
town I kind of always thought to myself like if I didn’t do The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, maybe I want to work at the post office. I don’t know it’s really it’s kind of
goofy but it is what it is and I won’t lie to you my love of all things mail
and happy mail inspired our Pen Pals series of cross stitch patterns for sure so
that’s everything about me tell us about you! As Amanda said I like to knit I’m
getting back into sewing with the help of Amanda and I like to swim as well I
used to swim in high school and in college so we’ve bonded that as well we
have yeah we have between us a very epic collection of seasonal swim caps which
if you follow The Frosted Pumpkins Stitchery I am sure this will come as no
surprise yesterday I was on the phone with a Business Resource Center trying
to order a printer and the guy was looking at our website, he’s like you
kind of remind me of like a Hallmark store it’s so colorful it really
holidays I thought you’re not wrong! we do love anything seasonal and when I
when I wanted to learn how to swim Ashleigh was super encouraging and
surprised me with all these caps so we have like Halloween caps and we have
Christmas caps. I just found my Halloween cap! you did?! yeah okay sorry go ahead more
about you oh no um I like to the hobonichi, i and then the other thing that I
love to do is hang out with my two little nieces who are five and almost seven. We do crafts do
things together we just made a little Halloween banner last week and they’re
fun to make things with! That’s adorable you made pillowcases with them like a couple weeks ago? oh
yeah I taught my eldest niece how to use my machine and to make a
pillowcase and she made another little pillow for a friend and she wants to
make a dress now so that’s we’re on our way to a baby hinterland! baby hinterland *laughs* that would
not surprise me! yeah at all because you love them you love them! I know that she’s
collected like so many different fabrics to make the hinterland and I’m sitting
here like I do I need one? Once my arm heals then I will be…? I will be or maybe I
could just give you my measurements today if you could just make me – yeah
how great would that be okay so that’s pretty much who we are as people and through out the show we will maybe share things with you like pattern reviews I
just sewed a tote bag from Noodlehead I could share a pattern review of that, I
also belong to a Sticker of the Month Club that would be fun to review. Oohh that would be cool.
That’s just something really cute because like I said, even though I know a
lot of you cross stitch you guys have so many really great interests and we want
to kind of hit all those things with you because we don’t do just one craft right?
Like right now we’re currently thinking about starting a Kickstarter for a
time-turner and the plan is it will be very similar to Hermione’s but it will
extend your craft time by like five to six hours each day! Yeah more crafts!
I mean obviously we can’t actually do that but in my dream world it would be
nice to have it would be nice to have so coming up in Pumpkin News. This Just In! Coming up in pumpkin news we have a brand new stitch along so this is
super exciting because this year we only had two stitch alongs
Welcome to Pumpkinville which is our year-long Club in which people are
stitching up the fictional town of Pumpkinville. Each month you get a
business or establishment in the town of Pumpkinville along with its inhabitants.
It’s really cute I don’t want to pick favorites but it’s my favorite of all
the of all of all the year long samplers because I’ve always wanted to do a town
with houses and businesses it’s just it’s so cute and then the other one that
we did this year was our Squad Ghouls and these are these little guys right here
and they are so stinkin cute I love them it’s been great hearing your feedback on
this one! So, I don’t want to get too much ahead of myself here but for Squad
Ghouls we released the chart into two clues. So if you are completely new to
our stitch along I’ll back up a little bit
what we do is Ashleigh designs a chart it’s really cute we have all different
themes whatever we have going on Ashleigh designs it she sends it to our sample
stitcher Kristi, Kristi has been with us for…a long time! Since the beginning!
She stitches all of our samples that Ashleigh doesn’t stitch and she’ll
check for things like colors looking okay on the fabric maybe the design
needs a little bit of tweaking here and there that’s her role. Then she sends
it back to us and we get everything going for the club for you so we start
with the main chart and we then break it up into bite size clues so that way at
the end of the club you end up with a finished pattern but it’s not quite as
daunting to work on and we started our stitch along many many years ago our
first stitch along with in first 2011, which was the first one! Which I know that now it’s
kind of common like that all kinds of designers are doing this but we kind started it a little bit or
at least one of the three or at least one of the very first year on the big
interwebs! *laughs* so after Kristi stitches it after it
goes out into the world you then get an email once a week once a month it
depends on how we’ve broken up the clues and with the Squad a lot of people said
I wish that the clues were spread out more and when we first started out we
did longer clubs where I believe Mysterious Halloween Town was that was at
least four weeks four weeks maybe five so based on your feedback because we
love your feedback and we really take a lot of what you say to heart for our
upcoming club we’re breaking it up again into, this time it will be six, six parts and the final
part is going to be a finishing, how to assemble video. Our last year’s Halloween Club Jack’s
Halloween dream we created not only like a printed tutorial that you could print
from home and then check off and work on that by bit but we also created a video
series and we’ll be creating a video series for this club as well as soon as
I have two arms, both arms um right now we’re kind of we’re kind of working with
just one limb so do what we can do but it’s a lot of fun creating the videos
and we have a lot of positive feedback from Jack’s Halloween Dream people wrote
in and said you know they were concerned that it was going to be little bit difficult
putting the hanger in but they found the directions, with the step-by-step
directions really easy so I love to make things it’s clear for you as possible
and I thought we would do a written tutorial and a video tutorial for the
new club should be hopeful it’ll be really helpful and it’s gonna be a flat
fold finish which is something that sometimes we do
feel like we’re doing it more and we’ve been we’ve been doing little ornaments
and things yeah nice to do it will be nice to do a big project of it and I
think that the finishing is going to be similar to our 2019 Candy Corn Costume
Party pattern cover image oh yeah yeah where’d that where it’s a flat fold, laid
on top of another piece of fabric so to go into the club today I have the sample
here I’m not going to show you the entire sample because spoilers *evil grin* but just
so you know, it’s all stitched! so cute! I love it it came out great
Kristi did an absolutely beautiful job and this is one of the things that I
really love about what we’ve built together as a business is I know some
designers are comfortable like designing a stitch along or quilt along or sew
alone or whatever and the entire pattern isn’t done upfront, that stresses me out. It stresses us out WAY too much so sometimes we don’t we can’t release quite as many things as
other people but it’s because we have everything like completely done before
the club even launches so that means the pattern has been stitched, designed, the
pdfs have been done, we also have a team of two amazing tech editors Kristi and
Belinda they are super detail-oriented and it’s always our goal to release a
chart that’s 100% error-free because it’s so discouraging when you get
started on a project and you’re part way through and there’s an error in the instructions or in the chart like I know I recently sewed a dress
pattern and I was like this is not making sense I texted you you were like
this is not making sense I had to go visit the designers website
found that it was a mistake in the chart like that that’s too much for me that’s
that’s a little too stressful and while I understand that everybody’s human if
there is an error in any of our charts we correct it re-upload the file so
six months go by you go to download your file it automatically has the most
current correct up-to-date information in it and I think that we’ve only have
few errors and we always correct them yeah we try our hardest yeah we
definitely try our hardest we’re kind of a little bit obsessed with details so do you want
to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind this? I haven’t even
said the name of it yet or the theme drumrolls please! Can I say a full name? you can say
the full name yeah it is the Nutcracker Parade and I want I’ve been wanting to
do a nutcracker themed pattern for years but this was the year to do it but we
wanted to change it up a little bit and make it into a parade that you might see passing through
Pumpkinville! So that’s, that’s what we are going for! This is so cute not only is it a nutcracker story slash ballet themed it
also has parade theme so it’s three little floats with a really beautiful
border we know that you love a good border
she’s a beautiful border designer and then it has the title The Nutcracker
Parade so talking about the supplies one thing that we try to do is we try to
make exclusive kits to our shop for our projects especially the stitch alongs and
for this one if you’ve never bought a kit from us I’ll go ahead and I’ll do a
little chat about what to expect when you order kit from us and the supplies
that we are using. so one thing that we do is if you want
to buy all your supplies from us meaning the full kit it comes with the
PDF we mail it directly to you you download your clues you happily stitch away. the other option would be you can buy the fabric only and it comes
bundled with the PDF and that way if you have a big stash of like DMC or
hand-dyed threads that you love you still you’re using the same fabric as us
but you can use your own stash which is awesome for me right now I’m holding the
Aida fabric, and this is the linen or the Cashel, Kristi prefers to stitch on Cashell and Lugana so most
of our cover images will be stitched with that kind of fabric if you’re brand
new to cross stitching and you aren’t sure where to begin
Aida is a great start and what makes the fabric in our kits a little bit
different than what you would buy at say JoAnn’s or Michaels is these are
European linens that are then hand dyed by Picture This Plus in Kansas and we
LOVE them *very dramatic* if you’ve ever taken a tour of our website you will know that we use
Picture This Plus for like everything but maybe one or two projects? Yeah the patterns from like our very
first like five or six patterns because we didn’t know about Marilyn only because we
only once we knew about her which was Spooky sSampler I think Spooky Sampler
was our first since then we try to use her fabrics as much as possible because
the quality is beautiful we’ve never been let down the colors are
phenomenal there’s always a great choice so if you’re new to cross
such Aida is where it’s at and it is much softer you can see it has like a
nice drape to it in my hand apologize I have one hand, yes can
you please be my model so you can see it’s not stiff if you look at the
Charles Craft Aida JoAnn’s and Michaels or your local craft store it’s
really stiff and there’s there’s nothing wrong with that I do know that if you
buy the Charles craft linen you can always wash it before hand and that will
get some of the sizing off but it won’t really feel yeah quite as soft as this
and that’s not to say that as a intermediate or advanced cross stitcher here
you can’t stitch on aida like I personally when I hand stitch I love to stitch on aida I think that my tension looks a lot better I find it easier to count it
makes that a little bit of a more stress-free stitching for me because the
counting is so easy I can watch TV while I do it
it’s really I like it and I know we have quite a few people who’ve been stitching
for many many years and they also love aida so it can be really the choice is
yours and we have had quite a few people who I remember when we did Once Upon a
Time so Once Upon a Time is a big story themed pattern that we did and when we
did that one I know that there were three or four stitchers that there it was
their very first project and they said stitched on the linen they loved it once
they once you get into the rhythm of it a lot of people love it so it really
depends on how you feel as a crafter do you feel like you’re wanting to start
out small and kind of just go a little bit slower and learn or do you like to
dive in the deep end some people do I can tell you I am
almost always team deep end! yeah like when I start a new craft or a
new hobby I’m like I’m in! I mean I think that like one of my first quilts I was
like I can make a king sized quilt! mind you I don’t even have a king-size bed but you need the quilt! I need the quilt! so it really it depends
on you your comfort level pick the fabric choice it makes the most sense to
you and enjoy whatever you’re working on so we have the fabric and the PDF and
then we also have the full kits so thank you
model here is a full kit you want to fold it up a little bit closer I think
we can do it cool okay so this is a full kit you can tell by the colors I have
this pen as a wand, you can tell by the colors we picked a really beautiful
jewel themed palette for this because we’re thinking Nutcracker, it’s a parade, it’s
fancy, there’s a king, there’s princesses there’s sugar plums we got to go bold
bright it’s absolutely beautiful so the kit contains a full fat eighth of fabric
now a fat eight measures 13 by 18 inches sometimes when people are new to cross
stitch they say an eighth of a yard that’s too small this is a fatty this
one the fabric is cut wider and this is the size it will be. the fat eighth of cashel and you can see
one side is finished this is the selvage edge so let’s say you want to work on
this project for the next year carry it around in your purse carrying around in
here you know what a bag you like to use these edges won’t fray that means you
can work on your project and you have the peace of mind that your fabric
the disintegrating as it’s being manhandled in your bag and as you’re
working on it the other nice thing is if you choose to wash your project
afterwards we don’t wash anything but I know a lot of you do or if you get have
an accident chocolate coffee bad news with the serged edges, you don’t have to
worry about it fraying when you wash it so it’s something extra that our fabric has
that we really find helpful so the other thing that we do differently is we
include full skeins of each color as you know we fully test the pattern before we
release it so by giving you the full skeins everybody stitches differently
sometimes people will stitch with three threads sometimes people will want to
change out a color by giving you the full skeins you don’t have to go to the
last-minute trip to Joann’s or Michael’s your local needlework store for an
additional skein if you do choose to stitch with three or four you might want
to shoot us an email and I can double check the thread consumption in that
case you might have to buy an additional skein, an extra but for the most part you can I can
say without a doubt if you stitch two over two and just are pretty tidy, you don’t
you have to be super meticulous but if you’re tidy this kit will give you your
entire project and that’s the goal we want to be able to make it so that way
the kit arrives to you, you print it download your pattern or view it on your
tablet or other smart device and you can just sit in your cozy spot and stitch
there’s no other like running around nothing like that sometimes people love
them running around like I know I love the running around we were actually just
joking around that at one point we need to buy one skein of
each of each color DMC because when we design a new pattern
we’ll make a quick little like a trip to JoAnn’s or Michaels and we bring the
laptops in they rest on the carriages, people around us or like order these two
girls doing and we do the floss toss on all the different fabrics and it’s
actually I love it, it is fun although they’ve thought I’ve been an employee a couple of times I think it’s because of the laptop but it’s fun! Excuse me, mam! Yes! Yes! There has been a couple of times!
it’s because you always look nice and you always wear dresses I never have the
vest on or a nametag so I don’t know why they just think that so if you’re the
type of person who likes to go and collect your materials maybe a kit isn’t
for you maybe you want to purchase just the fabric from us and then the
other thing that we offer are these this is awesome so the Nutcracker Parade is
stitched with two colors of Classic Color works and Ashleigh twists them into
little cute bundles like twisties for you guys and it just makes shipping and
the flat packing of them easier and also they’re really cute and they’re fun
to take photos of but all they are is this is just two full skeins of Classic
Color works and they’re really beautiful and I was very pleased to see one of the
colors you picked is called..sugarplum…I had to! you had to! it would have been a
terrible not to. it had to happen and Classic Color works really dyes some beautiful
colors yeah we typically use them Weeks Dye Works and a few from the Gentle
Art a couple as well we have some in this pattern
this one too! So the reason why today I decorated the table aside from it being
seasonally appropriate with these two patterns is because the shape and size
of the Nutcracker parade is very similar to these and it’s pretty awesome these
are two of our very best selling patterns of all time they went as soon
as we put a kit in the store they tend to sell out really fast and they
are such a joy to stitch I love them Yeah these are two my favorites, mine too
sure for sure so if you enjoyed stitching up either one of these you’ll
definitely want to give the Nutcracker parade a look because it’s really
similar do you know the size off the top of your head? I have it on my computer but
it’s I want to say ten stitches wider and maybe five to ten taller
just a tiny but, yes it’s just a small slight difference but it I think that if you
were to decorate and if you use the same frame, you could pop them in and out
easily really really easily and of course we also will be having that video for you
that’s going to show you how to do a flat fold finish but this you know the
choice is yours, you can do whatever you want, its your project so I’ve talked about the
supplies we’ve talked about the palette of colors do you want to go over like
the schedule and how it works okay so our plan is to release six
installments of the pattern starting on October 25th, its going to be a Friday so we
thought you’d have the weekend to work on your project and we’re gonna go every
week or every Friday until November 29th so then you have some time to still
finish it up before Christmas if you want to use it for decorations at your
house or if you want to give it as a gift to someone you have enough time to finish it up and give that gift. and yeah for sure one thing
I also want to make clear is this is a non-religious piece, nondenominational
pattern it is strictly a nutcracker themed there are some peppermint
candies in it there’s nothing else that is, I don’t know if peppermints with candy canes is, these have peppermint
like starlight mints in it but regardless of how you choose to
celebrate the holidays if you’re a nutcracker person you’ll want this
pattern it’s a good one so I think I’m also going to talk to you
right now about something that Oh!I know something! Maria is currently so Maria owns A Needle Runs
Through It you may have seen if you have some stitching friends our needle
minders you don’t mind her so these are laser-cut pieces of wood that Maria
makes for us she laser cuts them all from little
pieces of wood they have very very strong magnets on the back you want to
demonstrate this with me we could stick it to that kit
so to the needles – yeah so what the what the magnet does is as you’re stitching you can put
it on your fabric and it will it will sandwich there’s two pieces, oh I can sandwich it on this! perfect and there you go and what you do
is when you’re done stitching or if you’d like to load multiple needles at
once with colors you just put your needle on here and it prevents anybody from
stepping on your needles so this one is trick-or-treat themed my
samples from Maria haven’t arrived just yet because I gave her the order late
because I couldn’t decide on the design full disclosure but they will be
arriving in time for the club launch and it is a very cute design I’m excited to
see in person too because it is an actual little Nutcracker with Sugarloaf
and Jack and they look adorable. Jack or Sugarloaf has a hat yeah he has a little hat on and he
looks really adorable so for the club sales are going to start on the 11th of October,
oh the 11th of October at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time so because we have a lot of
international customers the best thing to Google is what time is it in
California and that will help you figure out what time you need to set an alarm
for since I have been one arm we have far less kits this time because we had
to have somebody help us and it’s been a whole thing so if you have your heart
set on a kit definitely set an alarm because the time it takes for us to be
able to get the fabric from Marilyn, the DMC floss, the needles oh they also come
with a needle pack I forgot to mention that about the kits sorry about that!
They come they come with Bohin needles which are French
yes French super-smooth they’re awesome I like to change out my needle
fairly regularly I think of it, think of it is the same as sewing where I really
want to maintain the nice integrity of the thread and the fabric so I do switch
them out fairly regularly so the kits do contain a 6-pack of Bohin tapestry
needles as well so by the time it takes all of the pieces to arrive to us it can
take about two months so whenever things sell out, people are like ahhh will you restock that the answer is tricky because we want to restock that
because we want you to be happy obviously but things take a lot of time
because there’s a lot of moving pieces so we try to especially this past year
we’ve been really good about ordering double and triple the amount so that way if
you miss a launch you’re not completely out but with this one I do want to warn
you that because of personal issues on my end and I really do apologize we have
a smaller inventory to start with so set an alarm Google what time is it in
California and you’ll be all set and I think that we will probably do one of
those Story countdowns oh yeah, that’s helpful, there’s story feature on Instagram where you can
create a countdown and it will remind you when something is about to launch
I recently used it to buy some Kylie and the Machine woven labels those little
tags, like the ones I got you for your birthday yeah I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a
release of those and I did that on the story and it was like don’t forget you
want to buy this and I was like, no I don’t want to forget so thank you so I think that’s pretty much everything
about the new club we will be releasing sneak peeks I’m not sure when this video
is going to be uploaded the sneak peeks may already be available to you – we
will see how long this is going to but I do want to talk to you about this
cutie right here this is adorable so Ashleigh has been on sugar cookie kick
definitely a sugar cookie kick last year we had Cookies for Santa which was
stitched on gingerbread fabric and they are cute little pillows really similar
to this and there’s a gingerbread a figgy pudding a reindeer and a Santa and
they are also decorated with buttons from Just Another Button Company and
fuzzy stuff from Rainbow Gallery so if you like to stitch with all kinds of
like specialty threads and buttons that is a pattern for you cookies for Santa
and then we followed it up with cookies for bunny which was cookies for the
Easter Bunny and there’s the chick a basket of eggs I’m looking off camera
because I actually have a little tinsel tree with all of our ornaments on it *laughter*
there’s a bunny, who’s the other one? A BIG EGG a big decorated egg *laughter* I forgot! and then we follow that one up
with you can tell we like to go in cycles of themes because it feels good
these ones which are our little cutie Halloween guys so I think I’m holding
I’m holding Zoe the Zombie who do you have, I have Frankie, Frankie
Frankenstein he’s so cute and there are some kits of this available on
our website I think we have maybe like 30 linen and 28 aida left they’re going
really quick I shipped quite a few throughout the day so if this is a club
that you may might want to stitch up definitely grab that while you can one
thing that I also meant to mention is if you decide that you want to join the
club after the club has ended which is kind of
I really they don’t really end, yeah they don’t and when you purchase the pattern you
get the full chart you don’t have to wait for it we don’t then send it to you
in two week increments you get the entire thing is an instant download so you can
get started right away and this is really helpful if you’re the type of
person who maybe doesn’t like mysteries so you can wait for the club to end view
the entire chart and then decide if it’s something you want to sit on because
sometimes mysteries can be hard I’ve done that with the shawl patterns
there’s been a couple I’m not sure how my colors are gonna work so I wait for a
few clues to be put out and then I start yes yeah that’s smart yeah I know we
have a group of like loyal stitchers who they know what to expect and they’re
like instant download buyers and then usually around like the first clue
releases then we get a whole slew of new people who are like oh wait I do like
that design I do like how they design things and in our charts and everything
and if you would like friends if you have never bought a pattern from us or
if you have any questions about how our patterns are laid out you can send us an
email or we could even create a video walking you through our patterns because
our patterns, they are really they’re quite pretty *chuckle* I like them a lot Ashleigh you went
to school for graphic design? I did! Yeah and we love that Adobe so we like to try
to give you as many options as possible within our PDFs so we have black and
white charts color charts expanded charts charts all on one page, all the options, literally
all the options because again we value your feedback and throughout the years
we’ve gotten so many good suggestions from you guys and we try to make our
PDFs really high-quality the best they can be yeah I’m really in love with them
thank you, your welcome! so this is this one, we also use the Classic Colorworks on this one
we’ve been in a Classic Colorworks kick we have and the last few patterns have had them yeah
in there really we found that they’re really wonderful to work with too, I don’t think we’ve ever found anyone that is terrible to work with, we are really lucky like that so
that’s nice so back to this guy after we took the sugar cookie bakery like whole
roundabout this is a brand new one this is
snowflake sugar cookie and he can be found in the Just Cross Stitch 2019
holiday Christmas ornament issues. This is a special issue and we actually just spent
the past month and a half month and a half
re-releasing to you all of our designs from Just Cross Stitch so if you don’t have
an issue of the magazine you can now find all those patterns on our website
and we have a lot! Yeah I think we ended up doing five or six, we have some already on the site but we did we’re going to
have one coming out soon, it might already be depending on when this goes live. We have the nutcracker ornament, we have welcome to batty bakery, I’m drawing a blank, what other ones did we do? snow globe?Yes! with the penguin
yeah there’s a lot like and the tricky thing is is after you submit it to the
magazine it gets mailed off to them they do their magic and then it arrives to us
back and sometimes we kind of put them on our tree and then forget about them but we’ve gotten a
lot of gentle nudges from customers who’ve been like can you please release
these I wasn’t able to get an issue or they’ll say like I want to have a list
of what is what you’ve been published in so that way
I can check my back issues for your designs and so we’re trying really hard
to be better about so this one will eventually be on our website but in the
meantime if you grab your copy of Just Cross Stitch it’s in there and it’s
really cute so I think that’s everything we have for today
our very first youtube video thank you so much for hanging out with us I don’t
know what our schedule is going to be right now we are going into our very
very very busy time of work we do our 2020 year long stitch along that’s
going to be coming up I don’t have any dates times clues I don’t have anything
to tell you yet so, not there *zips lips* we have this Nutcracker club coming up we usually
will do a needle minder event so if there are any past designs of needle minders
that you haven’t been able to grab we will have those all available in stock
for purchase these make really good stocking stuffers and gifts for
Christmas we have a Hanukkah themed seasonal saying which I cannot wait we
have another Christmas seasonal saying we have a Thanksgiving pattern, I’m really excited about that one! yeah did
you get it from Kristi it should be arriving today oh my gosh I can’t
wait we have a handful of five or six people who every like every September
they give us a little so Thanksgiving pattern this year guys Thanksgiving
pattern and last year we did gobble till you wobble our seasonal saying and you guys
really loved that but we have a couple people who are like please just a Happy
Thanksgiving so don’t worry it’s coming what else do we have that’s a good chunk
of stuff that’s gonna keep you guys busy for a long time
oh we have the November and December releases of Pumpkinville the final two
charts to which I’m feeling really sad about it because like I said this has been my favorite Club and it’s a big undertaking it is stitched on a fat
quarter of fabric each block is dense with lots of great details you just went
I went crazy she went crazy, I had fun designing this was a good one and we got so much
feedback from you guys that you really love the colors you love all the
different people you love all the businesses and we do too and it’s gonna
be really hard to say goodbye to that club really hard but I know that what
you have working on for 2020, is just as good I hope so, it is! it’s different it is different it’s
different and I like it I like it a lot it will be good I think it’s really good
and it’s on a completely different size of fabric it’s a completely different layout we’ve never done a layout like
this before it’s a whole bunch of firsts for us and I hope that you’ll follow
along whether you buy the pattern or just watch it progress on YouTube we’re
trying to figure out the best way that we can film videos and share clubs in
progress without doing too many spoilers yeah so I was thinking about maybe
pinning fabric to the spots that maybe haven’t been released yet yeah, that would be a good idea yeah just
kind of figure it out as we go because we do want to share these things so we
aren’t quite sure about our filming I think we talked about maybe two videos
or three videos a month the other hard thing is that Ashleigh lives a few hours
away from me so she has to stop designing and stop working drive down
here we film and then she drives home and hopefully today there will be sushi
in my future I hope so too! after this so I just want to say a huge
thank you to everybody who has taken the time to encourage us to do this who has
supported The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery for the past almost 10 years!That’s crazy it’s
so crazy you were just graduating college yeah yeah because I graduated in 2011 did you ever think
when you graduated that you would be doing this no no here we are and if you
don’t know like this is both of our full-time job so you guys have been so
supportive of us throughout the years let me try, ok there you go friends! hmm maybe not my smartest move, it’s cool though
oh we just want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to allow
us to share with you all of these creations all of Ashleigh’s designs all of
my kind of wacky ideas. They are not all wacky! some of them, some of them are a little bit actually have to rein me in to be like
that’s not going to work but it’s been great it’s been an awesome ride and it’s
really a lot of times people say what’s it like working with your best friend
it’s awesome, it is fun it is the best because we complement each other really well it’s a
teamwork teamwork makes the dream work and on that note if you could subscribe
to our channel like our channel follow us on Instagram Facebook anything that
I’ve talked about today the sewing patterns the patterns in our shop all
that information I’ll go ahead and I’ll drop links below so that way you can
find stuff we’ll also be sending out our newsletter you can sign up for our
newsletter and keep track of what we’re up to we don’t send out too terribly
many we aren’t very spammy businesses we are kind of quiet in that aspect
you can follow us on Facebook Instagram we have a Facebook stitch along group
everybody’s really friendly people are sharing all their projects it’s it’s a
really chill group very drama-free yeah so thank you so much for tuning in today
we will be back soon I can’t wait to share Nutcracker parade with you and our
2020 sampler and our Hanukkah pattern and all of our upcoming stuff so thanks
so much for hanging out with us today we’ll see you guys again soon have a
great day bye

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