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I feel like somebody’s watching me! Mm-hmm! I see you there. Hey, I’m your host Mikey. I’m the hands behind the camera. I like to be behind the camera more than in front of the camera here on The Crochet Crowd. I’ve got some fun things to share with you today. We’re not a very formal channel so if you’re looking for heavy duty like, you know kind of crochet. We’re not that kind of channel. I make mistakes, we have fun with our mistakes and with mistakes we also learn. So today I’m gonna share a little bit more about The Crochet Crowd from a behind-the-scenes perspective. So behind the scenes we’re everyday people and this here is Binky Boo. She is one of our mascots. We have two kitties. We like making things with crochet and sometimes she like playing with my yarn balls. When we’re feeling lucky we like to do yarn giveaways like our fully loaded Crochet Crowd tote bag. They’re usually sponsored by our friends at Joann.com or Yarnspirations or just ourselves here at The Crochet Crowd. Fully loaded with fun stuff to go. We sometimes put yarn, we put yarn ball winders, hooks and all of that stuff because you know, what you can never have enough and yarn totes in your life with crochet to enjoy. So if you need a little bit of help with justification to get off yarn, you’re in the wrong channel my friends because here in The Crochet Crowd we love one thing: this stuff right here, yarn. Some of us collect a little bit too much. But really, I don’t think there’s such a thing. I don’t know what there is, but sometimes there’s just isn’t the right colour in all of your collection. So that means you have to do one thing: you either substitute or you fix yourself up, put your coat on and hop on over to the craft store and pick up what you need. I know, I told you this is not the place to get off the yarn addiction because I’m enabling just a little bit. If you’re really ambitious, you like to collect what we call wips, “work in progress”, lots of them. So there’s lots of great ideas that people love to collect and never finish projects. So if you’re a person that doesn’t like to finish projects, you’re on the right channel. But hopefully we like for you to finish your projects, but you know what? It happens! I know, look at this, I know I should finish it one day, one day, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. So The Crochet Crowd is not about me. I just happen to be running the thing. I just happen to be doing the programming and the videos. But the truly magic of The Crochet Crowd is right here on the camera and on the studio table. So what I’d like to do from a perspective is that it’s all about these puppies. Check of these hands! I don’t wanna scratch them, I don’t use cream on my hands. I know, I’m living dangerously here on The Crochet Crowd. But you know what? The whole perspective of The Crochet Crowd is showing you how to move my hook in order to make the magic happen with your crochet. That happens right here in the studio. As a true yarn lover, I have yarn all over my house and sometimes in very inappropriate places. So right from my coffee table, I know! A bowl of yarn. I’m never gonna touch this stuff because it looks too fabulous, but it looks so good as a centerpiece. I’m not addicted. We’re so committed to yarn here in The Crochet Crowd that our dining room literally has patterns on it. This is not staged, my friends. It literally has yarn as we talk about it and even some of the photography that we do here on The Crochet Crowd is used with foam board where we just lay it down on top of the table, we put our project down and snap a photo of it. It’s that homemade right here on The Crochet Crowd. Yarn has a great purpose too for making even home decor like my fake log pillows. Y’know, just spruce up a spare room that you have, throw it onto the bed, y’know. I picked up a handcrafted doll with the local artisan. And yes, those are real bed springs. She’s kind of prickly, and then set her up, and voila! Your crochet is part of your decor. I know, simple idea, but fabulous. So, realistically speaking, we all have our places to crochet, this is mine. I’m allowed to keep it dirty as per Daniel. I would anyway, I don’t need a man’s permission to make myself clean my space. So, this is where the magic happens in the night time: in front, in front of the television, making projects, uh, for videos. This happens to be one of them, but you know what? I can’t even remember the name of it right now, but I keep everything kind of handy. Oh, you know what? It’s on my clipboard in order to keep my notes. This is called the Striping Shells Crochet Shawl. This is a free pattern already available on The Crochet Crowd. We also have a video for it, but look how fabulous this is! This is where the magic happens, and you’re allowed to have your own little space at home. So, if somebody says no, grab up that crochet hook and squat. [chuckles] So, now you have a decision to make, right? You can subscribe, but you can also hit the notifications button. And when you hit the notifications, you can have all of this “fabulosity” all within your fingertips. Every time I launch a video, you will be notified so you’ll be one of the very first in the world to be able to see the new tutorials that launch. Pretty excited about that. We always have lots of new concepts from really basics to advanced levels, but I really concentrate on the easy level because my job is to inspire you to be able to get yourself and elevate yourself through the skills. And when you work tutorial by tutorial, you build in your mind the actual library of stitches so that you can self create, too. So, subscribe and be part of the fun. And welcome to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey, and my signature sign-off is, as always, see ya next time. Bye, bye 👋

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