Volvo Trucks – The Hook: Behind the Scenes

This is a hook from the new Volvo FMX. The wind is blowing at 22 miles an hour
and it’s only eight degrees Celsius- -some 20 meters above the surface
of the water in the Gothenburg harbour. Here is the president of Volvo Trucks
on the front of a suspended truck. He has the leading role in a film about
Volvo’s new construction trucks. That was okay. I survived.
That was good, no problem. Yes, Claes does his own stunts
for the recording of the film- -a daring feat for a boss who doesn’t
even list mountain climbing- -as one of his hobbies. But the actual
height was not the worst thing. The wind and the cold. It was nice… Claes had to spend nearly two hours
up on the truck. It was a question of capturing
the perfect sequence. Everything was filmed in one take
from a helicopter. The main challenge for this direction
is the fact that that we are… …suspending the truck from one hook.
We put Claes Nilsson on top of it- -and we are shooting it in one take. The idea with this film is to show
that the truck is capable of coping- -with stresses far greater
than it would normally be exposed to. It’s highlighting the strength
and quality of Volvo’s new trucks. Safety was paramount and rigorous
before Claes was allowed- -to stand on the truck.
The film’s suspended sound technician- -is there purely
for Claes’ personal safety. Actually, he has nothing to do
with the sound. We really don’t test it.
Our experience is based on- -a secure wire system with two ropes. If one fails, the second one
will catch us.

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