VLOGMAS DAY 2 – Merry Ornaments

open Punzel’s (you wanna…what’s that?) I want you open it (That’s the sixth day of Christmas and you need the second day) (you need the second day of chocolate) there Tiana (there’s Tiana we opened her yesterday because she’s number one) (okay so where’s number two? where’s the second day?) (I haven’t found it yet) (oh! I know where the second day of chocolate is) (it’s Aurora) This (what?) What’s this? (Jasmine? no) (it’s Princess Aurora she’s holding a rose and the two is next to her hands) (did you find the two?) yeah (yay there it is) yay! now I eat it? now I eat it (what is it?) I eat it (oh my gosh it’s Olaf) (that’s so cute) (so you found the two Declan?) and…I eat it ready for some broccoli now? (are you guys ready for your broccoli?) (gonna eat some broccoli?) (she’s like yeah as if– she doesn’t even care) I’m here with the kids and we are just unwrapping the holiday boxes what Raleigh? that is the Nutcracker and that’s the Velveteen Rabbit…cute that is a “J” for Jesse oh it’s a little lunch thing aah cute a little baby chair this is a shark that I felted one year remember that year that felting was really big? I felted this it’s still got a
pine needle on it from last year’s Christmas tree oh look! we got two black ones oh it’s a starfish– it’s a starfish santa (cute) that’s so funny Gaga bought those up north at the beach those are cool (oh it’s a cat–) it’s a cat in the hat made out of a starfish cool okay okay we’re getting to the cookie guys aah (cookies?) a heart (yeah) what’s it say? “a daughter’s love is precious” look! it’s santa! yeah it’s a little santa! jingle bells jingle bells– oh these are jingle bells I didn’t know– we have some Christmas books too this is my favorite Christmas book so far I love it so much (what is this?) it’s something light oooh…it’s a glass ballet dancer it’s actually plastic a glass one would be too heavy I think but… I use to be a ballet dancer and my mom got that for me too (ooh sparkle-y) ballet dance oh you know what my friend Faruk gave that to me it’s a pomegranate oh it’s Garfield! I can’t believe there are three in the same bag (I have it) you want it? (yeah) I can’t believe there are three stuff in the same bag oh I must have been running out of tissue paper ooh that one’s fragile that’s old aah Solvang actually maybe that’s not old that might be newer from Solvang her go bed (this one’s very slippery) (cute) her go bed (it needs to go to bed?) yeah (oooh I didn’t know about this one) why– oh that’s a cheerleader cause I used to do cheerleading but why is it in poppies? because it keeps it safe sweetheart it’s fragile see ooh– or you know what this might be because– this might be… Gaga’s because Gaga did cheerleading ooh look what I– (ooh a giant Christmas light) (cool) I definitely want to hang that okay? (okay) we can put that right there okay Declan wants to hang the Christmas
light those are my movie stars oolala there’s this guy (mm-hmm) also this guy (yeah all the peanuts gang) this is from Mexico I think I really– I think I want to do like a silver and really colorful I’m really feeling like a…a Mexican Christmas vibe this is a bottle of wine ornament (now we can open up–) ow my tummy hurts wait what? (my tummy hurts) your tummy hurts from drinking too much wine? (drinking sound) I don’t know where that came from I’m sure from Gaga she’s gifted us ornaments every year for my entire life and it’s really sweet because they have– a lot of them have the year written on the bottom Oh an angel made out of a clothespin see this has the year 1990 oh this is a mastiff cause we used to have a mastiff poor Sophie she’s not– (what’s a mastiff) it’s a type of dog– she’s not with us any more we love you sophie oh it’s a pickle! oh last year we got this apparently whoever finds the pickle… I don’t know… it’s like a German tradition apparently according to Pier one I got these at the dollar store daddy’s gonna be really upset
that I got this cuz he’s gonna want Kermie to go on the top (what’s Kermie?) Kermit the Frog? for the last two years uh daddy and I put Kermie the frog on top of the tree and so daddy wants to do it every year as a tradition but I thought this would look really pretty because I’m kinda doing like a Mexican silver like colorful theme so I wanted to get this and put this on the top because I kinda felt like having a star on the top but when I tell daddy it’s gonna be this
like big debate we’re gonna have to like we’re gonna have to debate it for like five hours (why?) (why?) cuz he’s gonna want Kermie but I think you came up with a great solution what was your solution Declan? um to put the star on top and also make Kermie the Frog um be holding on to the star that’s such a good idea he’s saying that we should put this on
top and Kermie the Frog is holding it stand up and show me how Kermie’s gonna be? holding on to the star Declan? aaaaaah! (laughing) I love it oh I’m so glad that still works my little Rudolph I love it and look at
Raleigh she’s enjoying the Christmas books so this isn’t working our Santa
isn’t working so we’ll try to fix him I think his battery dead (Baby Raz singing) she’s having a blast I had no idea how exciting these holiday boxes would be oh so cute our little reindeer (laughing) yay I’m reindeer you’re a reindeer aaah ah are you gonna take a little nap reindeer? what happens when we turn the nose back on? no does she wake up? yeah wake up reindeer wake up Declan let’s put batteries in Santa let’s see if we can get him to work okay? okay let’s do that you do it I’ll do it Raleigh found the headlamp that not working? okay yeah no we don’t need that right now battery tester let’s do this Santa okay get it out I’m testing these to see if that’s what’s wrong with him so can you test this one please it’s good it is? huh I hope I hope– I hope it’s not– I hope it’s the battery cause I don’t want him to be broken huh it is good oh no Declan what if it is something else that’s wrong with him? oh my gosh this one’s good too ah man! wait wait wait wait it’s turned off! (oh) it’s not the batteries– it’s just turned off we didn’t even need to take the batteries out it’s just turned off you can hardly see it but it says “off on” okay let’s try– let’s put them back in and turn it on okay? let’s see it does it work? (Here Comes Santa Claus plays) Yeah! the reindeer’s biting my finger that’s right “It’s gonna be a busy one” what does this say? “Here comes Santa Claus” ow my hand! my hand got caught that’s a good one aah is he biting your finger?

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