Vertical, “Floatless” Fair Isle for Knitting Machine by Diana Sullivan

This is Diana Sullivan in Austin, Texas and today I’m going to show you how to do a pretty much floatless fair isle. It’s a vertical fair isle and You can do all kinds of patterns with this, but it is hand manipulated. You can even use multiple colors. which are carried up the back of the work vertically. Now here’s how to do the technique. I have a contrasting color of yarn, which I’m just feeding from a ball on the floor, and I pick out my first needle in the design and lay this in the hook and knit it all the way back to A position. Now this needle is out of work, and it’s not going to knit. Now I’m going to knit two rows. After I knit two rows, I just pull this yarn so that the needle lines up with the other stitches. I don’t want it too loose or too tight. It’s going to have to form a stitch that is two rows tall. Now I go to my chart and pick out the next needle that I’m going to use and it’s going to be with this purple yarn again, and again I knit all the way back. And now I’m adding a red yarn over here on this needle and knit it all the way back, and I knit two rows. And I’m going to pull these both up so that I can pick out the next stitch, and it happens to be this one, so I’ll knit this all the way back and with the red I’ll knit this one all the way back. Do two rows. Adjust my stitches. Now my next stitch is going to be here with the red and here with the purple. Let me Knit two rows and adjust those two. After I adjust these two, this particular row is just knitted with the white, and then I’m going to use that same needle again and knit two rows, adjust these up, and I do a plain row again. Then I’m going to use them again and knit two rows. Now I’m going to step back toward the center. So this will be the next red stitch. This will be the next purple stitch. Knit two rows, adjust, and go to the next red stitch, adjust the purple and go to the next purple stitch, knit two rows, and adjust. Now I’m going to have a red stitch only in the center and not knit a purple stitch this time. Adjust. Now my pattern carries the red over here to the right and it brings the purple over here to the left and knit two rows, and adjust, and I move out again, knitting that one back and then this one back, knit rwo rows, and adjust. Now I’m going out again. one step to the left with the purple, one step to the right with the red. I’m following the chart. And adjust. Now I’m going to do one row plain. This is what I did before, and then I’m going to use this same needle again and this same needle again. Do two rows. Knit a row plain, then use this needle again and use this needle again. Now I’m going to move back in toward the center. Now, according to my chart, this time the purple stitch is going to be in the center. And adjust. Now I take a step to the right with the purple, bring the red over to the left, going out wider again. I’m just doing a quick loop-through-a-loop bind off. See what a great-looking, fast, easy fair isle that you can make with this technique?

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