VEDA 20 2019 Happy Mail

Welcome to YDC fellows fiber collectors and
stitch enthusiasts it’s Dee and today is August 20th and this is part of the
veda series today we have something special we have some happy mail so let’s
get started our monthly leither box this is for
August and I am super excited so let’s get into it
okay I love the packaging it’s my favorite so it is pretty pink look at
that that is just ready it’s not coming into the color it’s a purple and it’s
got some pinks and grey in it and this is a galaxy sock 100% merino 400 yards
100 grams so it is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous I don’t know my goodness and a
cute little stitch marker cute super cute and there are the patterns for
August okay so it suggests a pillow a candle
cozy pattern and inside the box it comes with a 3.25 crochet hook the galaxy yarn
the pattern and then this stitch marker so let’s take a look at that guy’s
oh boy oh Lord that is gorgeous it’s stuck to the look
at that it’s showing up more blue than purple but that is pretty and I think I
needed a 3.25 if I remember right cuz I don’t believe I had that and I linked
the description in the description box for the leitherer subscription box and
they’re coming up with a 13 days of Halloween yarn box yes I cannot wait
very excited for that this month they don’t have the patterns but they in the
box but they do have all of the links to it
on the back of this card so mr. dragons bought me another box
apparently he ordered me something he didn’t open the top of it because I
don’t have my knife up here with me and I don’t use my scissors up here to cut
into boxes that’s a no-no my scissors up here are strictly for no I know who this
is from this is from skips tactical solutions so I link to theirs in the
description box below because there’s probably cool stuff in here knowing mr.
dragons though this is probably some extra skips so it’s a
Springfield armory cool hat oh thank you skip because I have a feeling I’m going to
steal this I know that was probably meant for him friend we have a lot of that as I can
see what this is all going outside oh my god this is a really cool flashlight
because we have a lot of power to just here and our flashlights that we have I
have one really good one that I won in a giveaway and this is one just like
skip has and it’s really bright really great so now I can give the one
that I won to Mr21 he has a reliable flashlight when the
power goes out so I have one it matches the one that’s good shows and that’s
really awesome and there another cool little fun fun swag in here I’ll show ya
little swag or some really fun little cool keychain so yeah so that was my
happy mail for today pretty cool thanks skip and then I’ll go tell mr. dragon
thank you are so cool little little Glocks
it’s a really cool so that’s the end that’s my Mail pretty cool and I
will get something worked up I’m not sure which pattern I’m gonna go with
they’re all pretty cool I don’t know yet
I’ll let you know so until we see each other again have a great day

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