Valley Yarns Colrain

Valley Yarns Colrain is a 50% Merino/50%Tencel
worsted weight blend. Colrain is one of those magic yarns that it feels
nice in your hands, but it feels that much better when it’s been blocked. It makes this great transformation from being
a good yarn to being an amazing yarn. It’s got a nice round structure which means
it really can pop in textured or cabled patterns. It looks elegant in stockinette and garter
stitch because of the shine and the way it drapes, so that makes it suitable for all
kinds of projects and fabrics. Working at WEBS I frequently recommend Colrain
to people that want a luxurious yarn but don’t necessarily want to pay for a super high end
yarn. There aren’t any other yarns in the Valley
Yarns range that are like Colrain. A lot of yarns that have this similar look
and feel have silk content, or bamboo content. The combination of wool and Tencel isn’t as
popular so I think that makes it really special.

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