Uygula Gör! ANINDA YÜZ BEYAZLATMA – Mucize Beyazlatıcı Leke Açıcı Porselen Cilt Maskesi – Güzellik

we make a mask, make our skin like porcelain, remove under-eye bruises, remove cheek sagging, open skin blemishes and whitens the skin, what more can be asked from a mask? with ingredients that are all in our house Hello Friends, I am Tülay Youtube Channel Welcome today, I have prepared a wonderful mask that will make our skin white like porcelain. medium potatoes, we peel the skin first, then we grate it mask, also pore firming tightens and rejuvenates the skin the important thing is to apply it regularly you will not believe the results of this mask we filter the juice of grated potato We put the potato pulp in a separate bowl, add a teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons of water and mix, we do peeling (face scrub) on clean skin before mask with this mixture an estimated 2 tablespoons of potato juice came out At the bottom of the bowl, there is the starch of potatoes, the water is separate, the starch is separately useful for our skin I add half the egg white into the potato juice and mix well I add a teaspoon of honey if the skin is oily, you may not add honey rice flour Rice flour should be added until the mask becomes a consistency, rice flour size may change according to the amount of water that comes out of the potato. we are adding slowly, it should have a spreadable consistency the mask should have this consistency mask should be applied to evening and clean skin It is suitable for all skin types, but you can still test it somewhere in the face area before the application, under the ear or chin and then apply it over your entire face. skin should be cleaned first, then peeling with potato grater, then mask should be applied When the mask is applied overnight, it can be applied once a day and applied again, 3 times a week music After applying the mask, we wait for 25 minutes and wash it, then we apply a moisturizer suitable for our skin. I will use the moisturizing cream I made my face whitened, my hands whitened Look at the whiteness, look at the vitality, look at the clarity of my face guys I applied my mask, shared the results with you I want to touch on a detail, we used apple cider vinegar when exfoliating, dry or sensitive, allergic skin, should do without adding apple cider vinegar If you have active acne, do not apply these applications on your skin. I am excitedly waiting for feedback from friends who made these applications I hope it was a useful video for you, do not forget to like the video, subscribe to my channel, turn on ringtones thanks for watching WELCOME THICK FRIENDS

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