• I just subscribed for the first time and I absolutely love your reviews on the crochet hair. I am a fan of mane concept crochet braid hair too! These brands should pay you because you are encouraging people to buy their products! Keep doing what you do because WE are watching and learning! Jah bless! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this information!!! Can't wait to try Free tress Deep twist and Main Concept on my teens and myself!!!

  • Do you always do your own hair? I never thought about doing crochet hair only because it always looks so big and I am a big girl, but loving this style!

  • Hi sag sista so from a sag sista while wearing your crochet hair style how do you mainetain your hair under the crochet hair what kind of shampoo and conditioner and do you do oils if not then ok and God bless you and your family sag 2 sag amen

  • Thank you for this review!! I've only tried freetress gogo curl and wanted to try a different brand. I was soooo close to buying trendy tresses until i saw your reviews on it! I have decided on the mane concept waterfall

  • Mane Concept Water Fall was great for me too. Got 4 weeks wear out of it. The longest amount of time I usually wear crochets in are 3 weeks. I was even able to wash it, after having it in for 3 weeks. Thanks Lia for all your awesome tips. I braid and install my own hair as well. God bless you Ms. Lia.👍🏾🌹😇 max.

  • Omg!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So informative! I was over here writing notes as if this was a PowerPoint presentation.

  • I need a crochet hair with some gray. What do you recommend? I have looked at the the Marlybob crochet braids hair ombré Afro Kinky Curly hair?

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I appreciate your labor of love with these videos. Let me give you a tip… I wear freetress water wave all the time. If you presoak in ACV and hot water for no less than an hour, rinse and then let it sit in a little warm water and fabric softener, it will take that shiny look away. And it will smell bomb!! This will likely work with most crochet hair

  • Does anybody have any allergic reactions from wearing crochet? I love it but I had to take it out because the itchiness and flaking was too much.

  • This video is incredibly helpful. Thanks so much for sharing! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I’m very thankful I ran across your channel.

  • OMG! My birthday is November 28th too, Im in Houston!! Thanks soooo much for your videos! Im going on vacation and I'm looking for a crochet hair to wear and swim in!!

  • Thank you so much. Getting ready for a cruise and you provided so much useful information. I now know what crochet to get. Thanks to you.

  • I wear crochets (1year now) but the breakage and tangling drives me NUTS! My hair has probably grown 3 inches but it's thin. I have to CUT the knots and tangles out of my real hair. Help please!

  • Awesome review. You made me subscribe!

    I know this video is kinda old. But have you ever tried anything from the Ras Afri like ? Specifically the flat twist out ?

  • Just wanted to say "thank you" for taking the time to make this video. It is very helpful and I have added to my Favorites because I come back to refer to it several times. I don't know of anyone else on YT that does such comprehensive reviews. Seriously, it is a big help. Thanks again.

  • This is just about the best hair review I've EVER seen. Can every other "hair guru" watch you and learn PLEASE. You really let us know & you were HONEST. I love that! Thank you girl. I'm subbing to you and unsubbing from every other hair guru. Cause they don't tell it how it is 😂

  • I am watching hoping to find something to get me through a busy period that includes my birthday. Enter Freetress beach wave . It looks a lot like my curl pattern so I think that will be my birthday hair too .

  • I am a new subbie…and Mane concept needs to sponsor you because they just earned my money because of you Boo…Keep the videos coming..

  • It was way too much talking. Way too long. Starting with 5 or ten is better. And then raking them differently (best curl, best texture, non-slip braids, extended wear, etc).

  • What's the hair in your head called again….and color lol. I love that and your number 2 and 5 lol. I'm new to the game and will be trying these

  • In the process of making a list in the order you listed :
    15 Sensationnel Island curl, sensationnel party curl 12:45
    14 Outre kinky curl
    13 Lulutress deep wave
    12 Freetress ringlet wand
    11 Sensationnel Jamaican bounce
    10 Freetress gogo curl
    9 Freetress water wave (9:12)
    8 Bobbi boss Nile wave
    7 Freetress deep twist
    6 Janet Collection Mambo Faux Locs
    5 Freetress beach curl
    4 Outre Bohemian Curl , Mane Concept Sassy curl
    3 Freetress Presto Curl
    2 Mane Concept Beach Curl
    1 Mane Concept Waterfall

  • Thanks so much 4 this!! About 2 head 2 the store for my 1st foray into the crochet hair world. I found u in my search for the best hair 2 buy. Lil lengthy, I had 2 skip to ur top 10 but I have my notes & I am ready. The pics and notes on the side abt the length & number of packs was esp helpful!! If everything turns out ok I will send u a pic. And let's see what we need 2 do 2 get ur coin from Mane Concept b/c u are their main brand ambassador right now!!

  • You are beautiful and very informative, thank you for your videos. Please do more…of any kind I would watch…lol

  • Got my crochet done 1st time with mankind sassy curl. I'm loving day 1 with it!!!!!! Thank u for your reviews . Will definitely do beach curl next!!!

  • Wonderful video. So informative. And don’t you just love that Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker? I have been using for 3 years in my crotchet hair. I went back to it cause I used when I had curls. Yes I’m much older and did that Jeri Curl thing. 🙂. I only found your channel about 3 weeks ago. Your video on washing the hair is so helpful. Glad to know I’m doing the right things with my styles. I actually wear them minimum 6 weeks. Right now I’m rocking Presto Curl. But on the hunt fo Beach Curl or your #1 Waterfall. Thank you Lia

  • I really enjoy your video . I am new to crochet . Looking for protective styles. I was curious have you ever tried a flat seed gel on your crochet hair. I was asking because it seems like you like the wavy curly look. I would like to know if flaxseed gel would last longer on crochet hair or at least preserve it more.

  • Review on the Trendy Tresses River Curls PLEASE!! And can you provide a dupe??? Thank you, love you!

  • THANK U for making my decisions easier!!!!!!!! I love how you had one side going forward and the sides going back. So pretty!:)

  • Why does everyone keep playing in the hair when they're trying to review it I would like you to leave it alone so I can really see how it looks I can't tell how it looks if you keep playing it like that SMH

  • Just found your channel and you’re already my fave go to crochet channel. Excellent video!👍🏽❤️

  • I just ordered the Mane Concept Waterfall, I am excited!! I really want to try the Mane Concept Beach Curl, I can't find of 😔

  • Hello Lia, have you or anyone on here tried Bobbi Boss Synthetic DUAL BRAID FRENCH DEEP, if you have, what do you think about it? Thank you!

  • Lia you are so detailed and refreshingly relatable soooo happy I found you. I cant wait to try the presto curls

  • Giving me life Lia!!! With your Ashanti/Sandra Bullock vibes sooooo beautiful. Some companies better invest in you because you take the time to be real about their products. Subbed!!!

  • So glad you are hyping up FREETRESS. One of my first wigs – i got blended synthetic half lace wig in burgundy colour and was inlove. Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to get back into braiding my hair and learning how to crochet these beautiful curls in while i get my natural curls to life again😍 i def will try Mane concept company hair😘

  • I Love the Mane Concept waterfall,and Freetress beach curl, and deepvtwist, I don't like Outre bohemian curl, I wore it last year on a cruise, all of did was tangle and frizz, maybe I got a bad batch!!

  • Sooooooooo Informative….. THANK YOU!!!!! I have just started this protective hairstyle of crochet hairstyle… back in the 80’s… they were not very attractive and I promised myself Never never ever to take part in the fase😂😂😂but WoW- but things have CHANGED 👍🏽

  • Love the reviews but really hard to follow such a long video and then look for Fuller review… please use number ranks in notes and time tags for 2019!!

  • My dream crochet hair would be natural hair where the hair is less silky in the middle part (where you would hook it from) so that the knots can be easier to make 😍

  • I was annoyed with all the talking and the 5 sec. video shot of each hair but I kept watching up until I noticed you DIDNT list the tops in order. Smh! Unbelievable!

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