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Hello everyone in today’s tutorial we do these crochet pumpkins with the same pattern we can make pumpkins of different sizes also the shape can be slightly different, because we define the shape in this tutorial we make the biggest pumpkin to make it I have woven together 2 yarns 1 yellow and 1 green, so I could get this effect in some areas, instead I have woven with 2 yellow yarns the label of this yarn recommends using a 4mm crochet hook and weaving 2 yarns together I used a 4.5mm crochet hook to make the pumpkin of medium size I used the same yarn but weaving with a single thread and I used a 3.5mm crochet hook with the same pattern we can also make this cute key ring in this case I used cotton Cablè n°5 and I used a 2mm crochet hook and I added the eyes these are the safety eyes, those made like a pin but you could use a button or any type of eye you like so as you can see, with the same pattern you can make pumpkins of different sizes changing the yarn and crochet we use this is the yarn I use today, and I will weave 2 yarns together but for this project you can use any other type of yarn the important thing is to combine it with the right size of crochet in addition to the yarn and crochet we need: scissors a wool needle wadding and if you make the keychain you also need: 2 eyes and obviously a key ring we make a slip knot ch17 starting with the 3rd chain from the crochet we weave: row1: 15hdc we turn the work row 2: ch2 (they do not count as a stitch) from here on we use the English Stitch variant 1 15hdc entering the thread in front of the hdc the entire stitch chain remains behind and we enter this front thread 15hdc to identify the 1st stitch put a marker thus weaving the entire chain remains at the back we turn the work row 3: ch2 (they do not count as a stitch) 15hdc with english stitch we still enter the thread in front of the stitch in this row, however, we enter from behind we enter below the stitch chain from behind and we hook this thread and we weave 1hdc and repeat row 3: 15hdc using the marker to identify the last stitch is simple these are the 2 lines we repeat to weave the English stitch, variant 1 if you don’t know this kind of stitch I did a tutorial explaining english stitch step by step find the link in the information box and in the upper right corner to complete the pumpkin we repeat rows 2 and 3 until row 22 is completed when 22 rows are woven this is the straight side of the fabric you can see the rows of chains in relief the reverse side is smooth bring the foundation chains closer to line 22 leaving the straight side inside we keep the foundation chains towards us ch1 and we join the 2 rows we enter the free thread of the foundation chain and in the 1st stitch of row 22 as we did for the english stitch and we weave 1slst and repeat in this way we combine the beginning and the end of the fabric so in row 23 we weave 15slst if you want, put a marker in the last stitch to help you the beginning and end of the fabric are joined the straight side is inside so let’s straighten out the job we made a perfect seam weaving in this way, also here the row of raised chains was formed ch1 to secure and cut a very long tail of yarn we use this yarn tail to close the bottom of the pumpkin and later to shape the pumpkin watch the tutorial to understand how to sew I write only what is necessary repeat this way for the whole round when we reach the end of the round, we cannot completely close the hole because we have a lot of stitches then we insert the needle again in some of the stitches and we pull the yarn to close the hole completely having stitched up the stitches now there are these vertical stitches we insert the needle under these points and we curl up we continue in this way, turning around, until the hole is closed in this way we bring the yarn inside, we knot and we return the yarn on the straight side we keep this yarn here, then we use it to shape the pumpkin with the color yarn for the stem we make a slip knot we weave a round of decreases, entering the 1st relief chain of each row round 1: ch1 11dec (11) (this is 1dec) round 1: ch1 11dec (11) stretch the yarn well, so the stitches will be close together in this way weaving 11dec when round 1 is completed round 2: 11sc when round 2 is completed let’s widen the loop and fill the pumpkin with wadding we fill up to more or less the shape you like if you are using a thin yarn, fill the pumpkin before making the round of decreases round 3: 1sc 5dec (6) there are 6 stitches in the round round 4 and 5: 6sc round 6: (1sc 1inc)x3 (9) cut a very long tail of yarn we insert this yarn tail into a wool needle we close the hole passing in each stitch as I show you in the tutorial when the hole is closed we bring the thread to the lower part of the stem do not stretch the thread, otherwise the stem will deform we knot the thread we take off the needle and we use the yarn tail to make the curl we hook the thread on the crochet hook ch20 we hook the thread on the hook and cut rolling the chains we give the shape to the curl with the tail of yarn that we have in the bottom we give the shape to the pumpkin how I show you in the tutorial and we pull the yarn the yarn passes next to the raised chains and we pull the yarn we check that we like the shape we repeat to complete the form by passing the yarn next to the chains, the yarn is not seen when the pumpkin has the shape you want make a knot at the bottom we tend the yarn well and hide the yarn inside the pumpkin the pumpkin is completed these are the pumpkins made with our hands I love these pumpkins and I am very satisfied with the result I like that they have an irregular shape, because the pumpkin is like that I thank you for having chosen to see this tutorial if you like this pumpkin don’t forget to give me your like, it’s very important to me share the tutorial so many more people will be able to use this pattern and if you like what I do, subscribed to my channel so you can see all my tutorials if you make this pumpkin, share your photos with me i love to see your work you can create a post on my facebook page or tag me in instagram see you next Monday with a new tutorial in the meantime I send you a big hug and a kiss CIAO!!!

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