Tutorial Quadrifoglio ad Uncinetto (sub. English y Español)

Hello everyone, in today’s tutorial I will show you how to make this four-leaf clover, crochet I made a key ring but we could also make a beautiful bookmark or use the four-leaf clover as an application doing this four-leaf clover will be fast and simple enough we will work 2 pieces that we will later combine with a round of single crochet and now let’s start the tutorial we need: cabled cotton n ° 5, a key ring, scissors, a wool needle and a 2mm hook start with a slip knot work chain 10 and cut the yarn pull the yarn to close the job in this way there are 9 chains left to work make another slip knot work 4ch take the other piece and place them behind the job count 5 chains from the beginning in the 5th chain work 1 ss 4ch so we created a base, shaped like a cross, on which we will work the first round of points we will only work one round I will show you the sequence to repeat from the center of the 1st petal to the center of the 2nd petal then we repeat it for 3 more times ch2 (counts as a hdc) and, always in the 1st point (3rd chain from the hook) work 3dc 2hdc in next chain 2sc in the next 2 chains 1ss at the point of union of the cross we now work on the following chains 2sc, 2hdc in the same stitch, in the last chain work: 3dc, 1hdc, 1sc so the sequence is complete we left at the center of the 1st petal and we arrived at the center of the 2nd petal now repeat still in the first chain work 1hdc and 3dc 2hdc in next chain 2sc 1ss in the central stitch and move on to the chains alongside 2sc and so on until the 4 petals are complete I suggest you hide the yarn tails in the stitching in this way you will have a tidier job and easier to work to work more easily it broadens the work well and folds the other petals back and when you have worked a petal, cut the tail of yarn so it’s easier to work we also end the last sequence when you have also completed the last sequence cut a little long yarn we put the yarn in a woolen needle and we create the invisible closure pass the needle under the chain of the 1dc in this way and back down to the center of the chain of the last stitch so we create an additional chain which will serve as a chain of the 1st hdc of the round knot on the back and hide the yarn and cut the yarn when you have worked 1 four-leaf clover work another one but in this case stop after having worked the last sc and do not cut the yarn 1ss in the first hdc chain 1 take the other piece and place it behind it matching the two reverse sides of the work now we work a round of sc, around, to join the two pieces let’s start from the first dc worked and we take the whole chain of both the front and back stitches check to get the corresponding stitch both in front and back work 2sc 1inc 4sc 1ss (bend the other petals back to be able to work more easily) work 2sc 1inc 4sc 1ss (check to take the whole chain of both the front and back stitches) now work 1ss in the center of the work we enter with the hook at the center of the two four-leaf clover 1ss now let’s start the 2nd petal 4sc, (1inc. 1sc)x2 1ss at the point of the previous round (1sc 1inc)x2 4sc 1ss in the center of the work now repeat so in every petal we work: 4sc (1inc 1sc)x2 1ss (1sc 1inc)x2 4sc 1ss so we continue for the whole tour arrived at the end of the last petal we work the ss, the sc above the hdc of the previous round and we work 1sc at the same stitch where we worked the first sc of the round to complete the increase so we also hid the start of the round 1ss in the first sc worked on this lap ch6+1 and cut a little long yarn pull the yarn a little to close the last chain insert the yarn in the last element of the keychain chain insert the yarn into a wool needle and let’s create the buttonhole with the needle we enter the base of the chains and knot it on the back of the work we choose a slightly hidden stitch and knot it pull well the yarn hide and cut the yarn this is the result of the front face and this is the result on the back which is still very nice the four-leaf clover is ready 🙂 and if you like, you can embroider a face in one of the petals how do you like it better? with or without face? I, this time, prefer it without a face I am very satisfied with the result because, in my opinion, it is very realistic it is rigid enough to stay in shape but is not undefeated it’s a super fast and fun design to make looking at the tutorial may seem a bit complicated because the stitches are very close but you will see that it will be easy even for today we have finished I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you can serve to make gifts the four-leaf clover is the best lucky charm so it’s nice to make one for us, but it’s even better to get them to give them to loved ones if you liked the video give me a like, share and subscribe to my channel I wait for your photos on my facebook page and your comments below the video and as usual, I send you a big hug, a kiss and see you next time CIAO!!!! 🙂

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