Tutorial: Puntos básicos de Crochet

Bienvenidos a El Blog Del Crochet Today, I made a tutorial about some basics crochet stitches at the request of my followers You will need: A Crochet hook accord to yarn (2 and 1/2 in this case) Yarn We start with chains. You can look the graphic. Now, we do the single crochet that you can take only one loop of the previous row or two loops Now, the Slip stitch The slip stitch serves to close a row You can see the graphic too. Finaly, I show you how to make a ring well it can did by two different forms: making chains and closing by a s.c. Inside the ring, do s.c. The other form: do a slip stitch and inside the loop do s.c. Then, stretch the yarn closing the ring by a s.s. That’s all Thanks all the people who subscribed to my Channel liked me on Facebook and left their comments and suggestions Continue doing it If you like the video, share it with your friends Good bye

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