Trimming Skinless Chicken Breast – DIY Cooking Tips

Do It Yourself gourmet here for a quick
tip on how to trim the chicken breast and most of you today you get the chicken with the boneless and
the skinless already there but there’s a couple more little steps to it they can
make it really nice and clean if you’re doing a fancy preparation or if you
don’t want the extra fat or any of that little bits of tendon grizzle what you do first is just fried the
chicken breasts out make sure that it’s got both ends sitting there so that it
looks like the little half heart. find this end take the knife and kind of move along it
kind of pull the skin away a little bit before you slice it off and what that
will do is let you have a lot of a good meat without actually having to
sacrifice for the sake of the fat and you can take that right along there and if
you follow the fat line holy rounds of slice you will be able to
slice it without losing too much of the actual meat now we’ve got one more
little bit on the end here pull it again take it and slice it pull
it right off the side and you’ve got a fairly well turned chicken breast sometimes there’s a little bit at the
end right here you can take that get rid of it as well, (Baby noises in background) and that is how you
trim the chicken breasts, and that little last bit right at the top see you next time on Do-It-Yourself Gourmet

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