TB: Well now you gonna be looking good, huh? All the girls gonna be coming now. P: Oh, yeah! (music) TB: Well once you get the insurance, like you said, we can remove that toenail. Patient: Yeah, I’m gonna remove it. Yeah. TB:That way no more problems. P: Yeah. TB: You’ve been dealing with that for a long time. P: Yeah, because my wife removed a toenail too. She said, “Leave it” but they just cut it off. She had a problem with her big toe nail and they just cut it off. TB: Just relax your foot sir. It’s okay. Yeah, we just have to do one hard part that’s numbing the toe. Once the toe’s numb, you don’t feel a thing. Then we put an acid to stop it from ever going back. all right P: All right. Good. TB: You just relax. Let’s trim these toe nails, okay? P: Yes. TB: So how’s the airport life? Must be busy. P: Yeah I’ve been working there since November so yes it is. TB: It’s cutthroat down there, isn’t it? P: Yeah. TB: You gotta hustle. P: Well, my normal job I gotta hustle; my important job. TB: The important job. P: I can’t give it up. No I can drive I can go to Canada but at my age to get a free ticket, it’s not worth it to me. You got to stand by and I can’t bother with that and if I can’t buy my ticket, I don’t go. I don’t want to show for the airport and they tell you you can’t on the flight so. I don’t charge for my company. TB: So how long are you going this time? P: I’m going 12 days this time. Then I’m going back in June the 10th again, for like maybe two weeks and then in August, I’m going on a cruise. My brother getting more than a cruise. TB: Your brother? P: Yeah. He lives in England. He’s getting more than a cruise. TB: How old is he? P: He’s 50 and he’s been with this girl for 8 years when she forced him to marry her. (TB laughs) So just when he is getting married, I’m getting divorced. TB: That’s how it works, huh? One goes in, one goes out. P: I don’t want nobody to limit my life at my age. I’m going to be 60 this year, in November. I don’t want to nobody to limit me, you know. I tell my wife they just want to do stuff with their family and their kids they don’t wanna involve you and your family TB: This is brand-new because before you were still married, right? P: I’ve been married since 2007. But I have bigger kids and my wife met me without my kids and she never took on with my kids, you know? TB: That’s hard. P: So, that’s a problem. TB: Yeah, that makes a problem. P: My kids Iive at my house and I live at her house with our son. So my son is getting big. I just decided I go back to my house. So I really don’t want to go to Jamaica. I want to go far off. So you’re a young man. When you get to my age, you want to enjoy life. You don’t want a woman to tell you… When are you going to Jamaica? No, I want to go to Vegas. No let’s go to church. I want to go to Vegas. I don’t wanna I want to have fun like I used to. TB: Like you used to? P: Yeah! I used to do what I wanted to do. Now not that I couldn’t do it, but the wife want to know what you’re doing, why are you going there, why are you going there and they want you to bring them, go to their parents. I can’t bother with that, man. Life is too short, my friend. TB: You’re a young gun, uh? P: Yeah. TB: If anything gets sore, you let me know, okay? P: Yeah. P: Yeah, that toe never been normal since I’ve known myself (since I was born). TB: So your whole life, huh? P: Yeah and then there was the fungus underneath. So the doctor gave me a tablet years ago. What it did was push the fungus outside to the front. TB: It does but the problem is because your nail’s damaged, it’s always gonna grow thick whether there’s fungus or no fungus this nail’s permanently damaged, so that’s why the pills not gonna do anything. P: Yeah. Okay. TB: Best thing to do, like we discussed it’s just to remove the whole toenail permanently; no more toenail. P: It will always grow back if I don’t take it off? TB: Even if you remove it surgically, but we don’t use an acid to kill the nail, it’ll grow back the exact same way. P: If you’re gonna take care of the foot, I gotta talk to some of these guys at the airport; if they have insurance tell him to come here. TB: That’d be amazing. Thank you, sir. P: More people need to take care of their feet. At the airport, most people have problems with their feet. They do so much walking there. Would that be okay? TB: That’s good. P: Is your dad playing golf and stuff. TB: He’s trying to. He has to go away right now since it’s wintertime. but P: Where does he winter? TB: Hmm? P: Where does he winter? TB: Where does he winter? P: Yeah. TB: If he can, he’ll go maybe the Cuba once. Go maybe the down south in the States just to play. It all depends. But he’s a 73 this year. P: Yeah. Yeah you gotta enjoy life. TB: That’s the thing; life isn’t forever. P: Yeah. I know a guy, an Italian guy, who is 85 and he still don’t wanna stop working. TB: 85! P: Yeah. He had a pension for 20 years and still running down money. Some people will never make money, will never know, they’ll never stop working. You can’t do that my friend. Life is in stages. We’re gonna get old and die or we die young or whatever, but you can’t work all you life. You know what I’m saying? TB: I hear ya. Life is meant to be to enjoy yourselves, if we can. P: Your dad lived to 73, he lived a good life. He will probably live another 20 years. You’re gonna come to work everyday at 73 and work? TB: No, no. P: The kids are all grown-up, why do you work that way for? TB: Ya, you work hard, you save all the money it all goes to them. And they spend it and have fun! P: (laughs) They spend it wherever they are and enjoy themselves. Yeah, you give them education in this country, this is back where I am from in the (?) You know that time you gotta do this for appearance? But now in this country they can get a pension, you know what I am saying? TB: Yeah. P: You don’t need to. You get the kids an education and they get their own stuff. TB: What part of Jamaica are you going to? P: This time I’m going to a place called Independence City. But I usually just rent a car. TB: You’re gonna sa befe down there?
They’re gonna look at you say look at this foreigner! Look at that foreigner, man. Look at this light-skinned foreigner! P: It’s funny, I had a girl that lived in the ghetto and I go there to pick her up and my brother was with me. In October, I went there and my brother didn’t want to go there because he was not used to that. Other kids go to Jamaica and never go to the ghetto but I go to the ghetto. So I don’t care; nobody will bother me. TB: No? P: No. They don’t bother me. I know where to go and what to deal with. TB: Do you have to carry anything on you? (a weapon) P: No. TB: No? P: No, I don’t need to. Nobody bothers me, man. I really don’t go in certain areas; you don’t go there. But nobody bothers me. TB: Nobody bothers you, huh? P: No. TB: We’re getting this one nice and flat. P: Yeah. TB: Okay, I’m gonna just file these nails quickly and then take out the corn, okay? P: Yeah. TB: Well now you’re gonna be looking good, huh? All the girls gonna be coming now. P: Oh, yeah. TB: You can’t go barefoot; you’re gonna get too many of them now! P: Yeah. TB: They say look at this young man with the nice toenails. (laughs) One done. TB: You okay? P: Yeah. TB: So yeah, what do you think about the new office? P: Yeah, that was what I was thinking; it’s a central location and more convenient. TB: It is, it is. It’s easier getting in and out. P: Yeah, that’s good. How long have you been here now? TB: Two weeks. P: Oh, you just moved in. TB: We just moved in. P: It’s a new building, right? TB: A brand new building. P: There is another lady who used to work across from you. Does she still work here? TB: No. She’s moving on to her own place now. P: Oh, okay, okay. So where did you study to do this? What is it called? What’s the courses called? TB: It’s called the chiropody program and it’s in Michener Health Institute in Toronto. So after a science degree, it’s three years, just feet.


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