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Hey guys it’s Tina So after all my recent hair fails It occurred to me that it’s been a while Since I last got my hair trimmed. So today, I’m going to show you How I trim my hair. I already did most of it and so Will show you how I do the last section. The first thing I do is spritz my hair with Water to get it really wet. And then using jojoba oil to massage my scalp A nice vigorous massage. I do this every time on wash days to ensure
that My scalp is well moisturized which Is crucial for a healthy hair regimen. To prevent me from getting too scissor happy, And trimming too much of my hair, I’m going to install “fingercoils” first. This will also help me ensure that The integrity of my curls remain intact. I apply a leave-in conditioner and I am Using the “love me and leave-in” conditioner From luv naturals. And then I follow up with the Curl Enhancing
Smoothie From the Shea Moisture to ensure that my hair Is well moisturized when I put in in the “fingercoils.” While some people recommend that you do you
trim On clean hair, I am doing my trim with products
in my hair Because I am simply going to be cutting off
the ends of my “fingercoils.” Using the fingercoils allows me to trim Without excessively cutting off my hair If you would like to see a video on How I install my “fingercoils,” Click on the link in the top left corner To show you my previously uploaded video. I essentially twist about the first inch or
so, And then start twirling the hair around my
finger To activate a curl. When I get to the end, I trim off the last one or two little ringlets. I have always loved “fingercoils” In fact, I love my “coil-out” better than
“twist-outs” And I always thought that it was easier to
install fingercoils Than twists. But with my hair getting longer I’m realizing that the process is also getting
longer. I often wear my hair in a curly state. So by doing my hair in this way, (1) I’m able To control just how much hair I’m cutting And I’m able to visualize just what my hair Will look like once it dries. To prevent jagged split ends from forming Please make sure to use proper hair scissors. Am all done and as you can see, My ends look beautiful. I mean this turned
out Pretty well and I cannot wait to wear it as
a “coil-out.” And I really did not cut too much so I still retained my length. So that’s it guys hope you enjoyed this video. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @MissT1806. And if you missed my last video, Click the link to watch or subscribe for my
next. As always guys thank you so much for watching And until next time, Stay Beautiful! Bye!

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