Trimming Long Hair : Long Hair Trim: Creating Movement

If you are wondering what the parietal ridge
is, is the ridge that runs from one end of your head all around onto the other. And,
that is exactly where we are at and we are creating nice lift for her so that she has
movement on her layers. This is the movement that we are looking for. So, you can start
to see the movement and the bounce in her layers. You see that? That is what it is all
about. I will take another section and we will do the exact same thing. Now, there is
a connection point in between drying the layers from the back to the front and as we move
forward I will show you how to do that. I am in the back of her head and then I will
connect the back of her head to the front of the head by taking a section from here
and here. And, so that we can end up with this nice round, bouncy connection. Here we
go. Notice how I continue to roll the layer that I am drying in a forward direction. What
that will do is it would create a look right here so that when her hair falls back, it
has a nice bounce to it. Sit it there for a second. Do it one more time. Sit it for
a minute. Let it cool off completely so that the bounce sets. And then, watch it fall.
That is what I am looking for.

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