Trimming Long Hair : Long Hair Style Options

Hi, my name is Isaac and I am with the Salon
and Sedona Spa in Sedona, Arizona. And today we’re going to be doing two haircuts. We’ll
be doing one length haircut and layered haircut. My model has medium hair, medium textured
here and has layers in here hair. She also has about mid-back length hair. So I’ll show
you how to create some looks while in between services at home. And what we’re going to
do, we are going to do two separate haircuts. The first one will be for you to be able to
give yourself a trim at home if you just want the ends trim. And the second one will be
for layers all around. Okay. So this is what her hair looks like. Right now, she has about
medium length, layers, longer bangs, which I will trim also. I’ll show you how to do
that. And short and too long layers. So we’ll create the first haircut first for one length
haircut and then we’ll move on to the layers. So I will shampoo her hair now.

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