Trimming Hooves for Goats and Sheep

Today we’re gonna show you how to trim
hooves on small ruminants. It goes for anybody that owns sheep and goats.
This is the equipment that I normally use when I
trim feet. I have my orange nippers, my brush, I have large nippers and some small
nippers – when you really get into some bad feet you can get a little bit more
leverage with the bigger nippers. And I also have our electric hoof knife. It
comes with different grinding settings, so you can either be aggressive or
not as aggressive, depending on what type of hoof you’re running into. Managing
healthy hooves on small ruminants is a very important job for any manager that works
with goats or sheep. I want to show you how I trim feet. I first get a brush and
clean them off – each hoof, in between the toes and around. Then, I have like my
nippers which I like to use, are the little orange ones, they work very well. I
find the hoof that I think is the most ideal type in shape and I work on that
hoof first and I trim around any loose material for any overgrown material and
between the toes and all the way around on the surface – keeping keep in mind
you want to keep everything flat. So, then I work it my way around from one hoof to
the other hoof keeping my shears parallel to the hoof, just so everything
works out even so I have weight distribution that’s evenly put across
the ground and does not interfere with the goats mobility. Then, I noticed
when I was trimming her she had a white line crack in between her hooves there
on the outside wall, so I decided I’d clean it out just to open it up and let
it air out see if there’s any bacteria or foul smell and everything looked
pretty good but I just dug a little bit deeper just to open it up and see if I
can find it if there’s any issues that you would be able to notice it at this
time, but everything looks pretty good so I’m just cleaning it up a little bit so
she can go on her merry way. And that’s basically how you trim a foot.

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