Trimming and Styling Synthetic Wig | Trying to make a Cheap Wig Look Better

hi everybody and welcome to Vanessa my
life my journey I have a weeding here today I’ve been wearing this week in a
couple of videos this is a wig that I found at a thrift store I found a bunch
of weeds at a thrift store and I bought them all for one price I’m gonna do a
video on it but I’ve been having this week for quite some time and I haven’t
even been wearing wigs lately but I’m trying to wear a few weeks in my videos
even though I’m very comfortable with my bald head but like this week has the
little lace in the front it has a little lace in the front so I kind of want to
create a little hairline this is my first time ever doing this process
before so I just put her on my little mannequin head and I am going to try to
create a hairline cuz when I wear the wigs and I do that and I go back or
sometimes I might want to wear the hair back a little bit like I want it to have
like a little I guess what people call baby hair but I’m just really I just
wanted to have a hairline and I don’t want to and this is like a really
nappy-headed week I’m gonna also watch this week after I finish this process so
I just thought I would share this with you guys like I say if this is a
synthetic that’d be weird I’m gonna wash it I need to get I don’t
know what I should use to but I just want a little
hair in the front and it seems like it’s kind of hard to separate it because it
is like synthetic or whatever you want to call this stuff so and I couldn’t
find my smaller tooth comb I’m probably just need to use my fingers
I brought some bobby pins over here so I wish I could find that smaller tooth
comb I brought some bobby pins over here so I can put the other hair back so it
won’t be coming back and yeah I might have to just like use the bobby pin to
separate these and yeah I’m blind as a bat I don’t have on my glasses so yeah
this is probably um taking over a longer process cuz girlfriend number one she
don’t know what she doing if I ever get a human hair weed if I ever get a human
hair wig then I guess this is gonna be practice on how to create a hairline
I’ve watched a few videos not to learn but you know certain people that I
subscribe to I’ve watched them do a few how to so let me show you how this
how-to videos so one of those people who she is really into wearing human hair
weaves and just weaves in general even though she have a beautiful beautiful
head hair and that’s Raven Elise and she works with a lot of hair companies my
first week or PG show which is the same company I think she works with them and
she has created a couple of or inspired a couple of weeks but more than a couple
so yeah and she said she’s created different wigs to replicate her own hair
journey so to look like her natural hair so whenever she do weather week people
don’t know if that’s her hair or if that’s a week because she made it to
look like her natural hair which is amazing so sometimes you never know when
Raven is when she is when a week the bobby pin works a little better for this
type of hair you guys cuz that comb just went going through there and this way it
is intended to look they’re in their nappy and very kinky and I kind of like
that but like I say I wanted to have some type of hair line in the front and
I’m probably not gonna make it like really really really short or what I
might need to do is make some other short in the front
then get another leader and make it just a little bit longer I don’t know I do
not know what I’m doing but I want like when I pull my hair pull the wig back or
do this I don’t want that harsh line to show across the front I’m gonna have to
turn this around y’all and let y’all look at the back of the heat okay okie
dokie so I’ve been whipping them videos out
y’all making different type of videos this is not gonna be one of them
channels that it’s just about one thing this channel is about everything that is
going on with me in my life so it’s about everything I share everything from motivational inspirational the probably
some sad day is gonna be up in there my journey my life what I’m thinking stay
for instance with I want to become a van lifer I want to and and you know they’re
a different type of van lifers they’re something in life is that like stay put
stay in their city that they’re in and they’re just doing it to come out of bed
and save money and get caught up and that’s why they’re doing it they’re not
doing it to see the world go have different adventures and that’s the
reason why I want to do it I want to do it to go places and see places it has
been my dream before I die and leave this earth I want to see some blue water
I’ve been saying that since I was a little
I’m gonna see some blue water I wanna see some blue water
I wanna see some water that when you look through the water you can see
everything at the bottom like I just want to do it and with this van life
thing somebody must have had this soul in
that’s what that is this threat okay I’m gonna have to put that later with this
van life thing you guys it is showing people how accessible what they want to
do is like if you work your whole life to say I want to retire and see the
world well now van life it’s showing you that
you don’t have to work your whole life and then when you’re almost about to die
at 50 or 60 try to go see the world I have this little thing that you buy from
the beauty store that is a razor so I don’t know what I’m doing I’ve never
done it before so what we gonna do is start small so yeah now you don’t have
to wait until you 50 and 60 even though already there sometimes but you don’t
have to wait now it’s young people that are in their 20s and in their 30s you
know they’re doing van life and they’re seeing the world just makes me want to
cry thinking about it they’re seeing the world and they’re going places and
they’re doing what makes them happy and they’re doing it at a young age they’re
not waiting until they get old and rusty and crusty and can’t even
enjoy the ventures that lie ahead now then there are some people who are older
who are also embarking on the in life and ain’t no point in sitting around and
waiting today die to live so they’re living out their days doing van life and
oh my goodness I just wish I would have known about the in life about three
years ago two or three years ago I wish I would have known about being life I
will be out there right now doing V in life and I was already doing van life in
a sense but I didn’t know what it was I didn’t know when I didn’t know to go to
other places and and go sightsee and go out on adventures and go see the world I
didn’t know about that aspect of it and I tell you knowledge is it makes a world
of difference if you have something that you have a wild idea and you have
something that you just have an idea of doing and you don’t know anything about
it you guys find research it online type it in cuz that’s what I should’ve did
I should have typed it in and I was typing in everything else but I didn’t
even have an idea of typing that in I should have typed it in and I would have
discovered all the other people that was doing this and I definitely would have
been attracted to it I had the vehicle
I had a cargo van or 2013 cargo van and I would have joined the rest of the
people that’s doing it so this is what I cut off what I think I’m going to do I
think I’m going to cut off another layer I’m gonna thin this out a little bit and
take a few pieces of hair from under it or this might end up being the because
it look like it’s gonna be too hard to divide this but I want to divide it yeah
this is not going to be this is not like a human hair where I was gonna divide it
and make some underneath that a little bit shorter but this is like a different
I probably can do it let me see it’s just gonna take longer to separate
a few strands of hair I’m probably gonna I’m trying to separate a few strands of
hair and make some underneath that a little shorter so yeah you guys I
definitely would have joined the in life if I would have known about the in life
but it’s so important one not to let people talk you out of your dreams
because if you share your dreams with people they gonna tell you you stupid
they’re gonna tell you you crazy they’re gonna tell you that don’t make sense why
would you wanna do that that’s a waste of time I don’t heard all of it I don’t
hear it all of it I don’t heard everything if if I want to be
discouraged I know who to call if I want something told to me to discourage me
from doing something I got people to call cuz they are you know how to there
are motivational speakers there are people who will motivate you to not do
what you want to do in other words they are people who would discourage you from
doing what you want to do they would give you all the reasons in the whole
wide world why you shouldn’t do something and then the thing about that
to me is they don’t know anything about what you’re trying to do down they don’t
have no expertise in the situation no they don’t know nothing about what
you’re talking about I’m just gonna cut this just
little bit shorter oh yeah they don’t know nothing about what you’re talking
about what you want to do what you’re trying to do down on everybody but they
would tell you it ain’t gonna work they don’t tell you it’s not gonna work it’s
not a good idea and you don’t need to do it they’re gonna tell you that but they
don’t know nothing about what you talking about they don’t even know how
to use the internet they don’t even know how to use the internet but they’re
going today they were differently tell you that that ain’t gonna work that is
not gonna work so if you want to be discouraged I am sure you got some
people in your life that you don’t even just say you don’t even have to call
them to ask them for advice you could just call em and tell them I got to do
this I’m better I got to go out of town and sleep in my van while I see the
world oh my goodness they bout to tell you how Freddy Krueger don’t come out
the woodwork it hit you over the head and hurt you and they don’t know nothing
about the people who are living V in life and I should have tried the wig on first so
I couldn’t show Chow like how it looks without what I’m doing
but I’m sure this is gonna make a big difference because when I like feel like
pulling the back then it’s gonna be hairs down in the front instead of just
showing that harsh material right there and when you’re doing like this you
could even if you want to you could do it all the way around I’m not sure if
they have that on this particularly if they have that all the way around but I
know I got a couple of more weeds that I probably could do this to I’ve never
done this before to any of my wigs but excuse me if it’s all the way around
then you could even wear it in a ponytail this little thing is perfect for that
okay here’s a Chelsea see it probably looked a little scary because the hair
is like kinky so it’s not gonna really make a bang but you see me you take the
other ones down it’s a little longer so yeah no matter what nobody say y’all if
I can come up with the money to buy me a vehicle I am going interfere in life I
hope by this time next year or before I would love before this time next year
but if God can bless me by this time next year to be in Vevey in life I’m
gonna be gone I’m gonna be gone and weird
so that is it let me try it on she got to be bald here let me put her
down so yeah I won’t see this lady ball here cuz I don’t mind y’all seeing my
body but she my mind you see how about you so yeah this goes all the way around
to to the back part and then a little bit of the nape it don’t do but if you
wanted to wear this down you could go all the way around so I am gonna watch this week okay I see
that Bobby pinning you so I can’t bring you see this because I’m blind but I’m
thinking I don’t know if those hairs or like if I pulled it back or something I might have to end up cutting more to do
what I want to do but at least this gives me an idea cuz see when I first when I do this you
would see that you see this so I don’t want to see that I want to see I want to
see hair I want to see what she look like hair right here so maybe I don’t
know if that was enough I don’t think I probably need to do it with it on my
head cuz I don’t think that was enough so
anyway you guys let me know in the comments if y’all think that’s enough or
if I need to cook more and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up chime in
on the conversation down in the comments and let me know what y’all thinking
about what I’m talking about if you know anything about the in life or let me
know if you don’t know anything about the in life or what you think do you
have any friends that every time you just share something with them whether
it’s something that they know something about or not do you have those type of
friends or people in your life that you don’t call it a motivate you you call
them if you want to be topped out of something you know who to call
so yeah cool let’s keep the conversation owned and poppin down in the comments
and I will talk to y’all later I’m kind of tired I’ve been doing videos
back-to-back I mean okay you guys I’m back uh that wasn’t enough for me that
wasn’t like it’s not looking high I wanted to so I am coming back and I am
going to cut this and I’m not sure don’t either cut it this way or that way but
I’m gonna cut this front I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t have the right
scissors bleh mmm I don’t think that’s how I wanted it
but that’s Heidi isn’t this how it’s gonna be and if I want to I can make it
shorter and turn it into something else totally different like that’s the beauty
of playing with synthetic weeks you can either make any look like something else
let me get my mirror cuz I can’t see the camera right now let me get my mirror
and see what this is looking like okay I’ll be right back
so I got my mirror I hope y’all not getting a OH
that’s kind of yeah that’s kind of bitter I just wanted something that’s
like I could have did it a little better than this but you know I would have went
more like that should have went like that instead of up like this but the
deed you know how they say the deed is done already the deed is done already so
what else ooh see that’s why I went like that cuz
it’s hard yeah the lady is gonna be better for this let me get the lady let
me get the heat it’s easier for me to do this on her oh I showed y’all her head
she won’t try to see her head she didn’t want y’all to see her head
I don’t mind y’all seeing my head but she didn’t want y’all to see her head
okay so I think which side is this so this is the side so I’m just gonna take this in I guess I’m trying to do a taper and
frame the face a little bit is what I’m trying to do opposed to all that little
while and long hair taper and frame the face in the front and you can get longer
in the back I’m not caring about that
I’m not caring about the back she just need a trim the aisle all the
way around a little bit just a little little bit to try to make it look like
she’s doing something uniformly so yeah I think that’s better and if you
see some more spots that you think you need to nip that’s all I’m doing is just
doing a little snooping okay so I am going to try on again I’ve
never tried to customize a week even a few that I bought this year from the
beauty supply that were synthetic I’ve never tried to like customize them I
bought this one week I haven’t even taken it out the package y’all
it is like sort of like this kind of hair and it’s supposed to be long it was
on sale for I think like twelve or fourteen dollars and not see I kind of
like this better cuz it just frames the face and it’s not all in your you know
all the front it’s not all in your face and you can kind of just play with it a
little bit kind of make it look like you got a little bangs and you could might
even get a different look out of it one day you know kind of make it look like
it’s your own nappy hair and just do some different things with
it bobby pin it back have some of this hair
coming down or something so yeah I like it I like it but I need to wash it I
need to wash it yeah I like it what y’all think so this
is gonna be one of the wigs that I wear in my videos I’m gonna do a week trial
and show y’all all the weeks that I found at a thrift store and this is one
of them and I want y’all to gifts and tell me how much I paid for all these
weeks I like that I like that that’s cute
mm-hmm if I want to I can come just a little bit higher with that I like it
y’all you know what y’all think this is the final look for now but y’all I’m
telling y’all wigs are too hot for me I just don’t like them I like the freedom
of my ball head that’s what we doing over here we doing ball head over here
and I just love it I love it you don’t have to like it
okay well it is too hot too much hair when late yours is too much now if it
was mine it would be a different thing okay yeah bye thumbs up the video coming
down below subscribe notification bail and come back for more okay bye now

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