Triminator Dry Marijuana Trimming Machine Assembly Guide – Assembling Triminator Dry Bud Trimmer

Hi, I’m Dana with The Triminator and I’m here
to show how to assemble the Triminator Dry. When the machine arrives, it’s going to arrive
in two non-descript cardboard boxes. The first will have the machine body, and
the second will have the floor stand. You’re also going to receive the trim bin,
and a pull pin. To perform this task you will need three basic
tools: a 7/8 inch wrench, a 3/4 inch wrench, and a 5/16 allen key. First thing you’ll want to do when you get
the floor stand is move the wheel from the inside. Simply unscrew it and place it on the outside. To tighten it, use your three quarter inch
wrench. The next step is to attach the stand to the
body. To do this, you want to make sure that things
are oriented correctly. You want the body so that it’s vertical and
it’s sitting on its nose, and you’ll want the stand so that the pull pin hole aligns
with the pull pin holes on the body. Next, you’ll want to move the bolts to the
outside of the stand and rotate it into position. Use your allen key to tighten the bolt and
repeat it on both sides. The next step is to install the pull pin into
the pull pin hole. Ultimately, you’ll want the pull pin to align
with the indexing holes. To do this, lift the stand body slightly so
that it aligns with the hole. Tighten by hand, and then with your seven
eighths wrench. To get the machine into position, you want
to make sure that the pull pin is engaged in a hole. This is very important because you don’t want
the machine body to swing as you elevate it into position. Once you know that the pull pin’s engaged,
lift up and rock it into position. Complete your assembly by inserting the trim bin. The Triminator Dry should be ready to go.

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