Travel Tissue Case Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

hi everyone welcome to the Jayda
InStitches show, so mr. in stitches and I have about had it with winter so we’re trying
to think spring and in addition to thoughts of flowers and sunshine and
being able to step out the front door without putting on 25 pounds of clothing
I’m also thinking about tidying up and organizing spring cleaning if you will I
find one of the parts of my life that takes the biggest beating over the
winter is my bag when I was in school it was my backpack now it’s my purse and my
travel crochet bag basically whatever bag of stuff I’m hauling around with me
everyday it’s this disorganized chaotic disaster
so mystery stitches and I thought we would bring you a little series of
simple to make projects that will help you organize and protect all the things
that you pull around with you every day the first thing we’re gonna make is this
cute little treble tissue case this is a quick project it is a scrap project
there is no sewing there are no closures and it’s one of those little things that
you might never have thought of but now are going to wonder how you ever lived
without I think I’m going to be making these for everybody I know who calls
around a bag this will fit 10 tissues so whether you buy the travel tissues which
are sort of already folded into a neat and tidy little rectangle or you just
take the tissues out of the Kleenex box that you’ve got sitting around your
house have them laid flat fold it in half fold it in half again so you’ve
quartered it this will fit ten of them then you can just pull one out when you
need it you can refill it when you need to and it’s easy to grab inside your bag
that’s another program with my bags it’s like I go to grab something and I’m just
shuffling around in there and I everything feels the same so this is
going to feel a lot more recognizable when I go digging in my bag for a tissue
we’re going to use cotton yarn for this project
so let’s grab our hooks grab our yarn we’ll head on over to the craft table
and we will stitch up a cute super useful little travel tissue case
together in order to make our little travel
tissue cover you want around 20 grams or 40 yards of a size for a medium weight
yarn I’m using cotton for this project you also want a pair of scissors a our
needle and the hook we’re using is a 5.5 millimeter
also known as an eye or a nine in the US a size five in the UK and once you’ve
got all that together we can get started if you really enjoy our show and you
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browser we’re going to begin with a slipknot we’re gonna chain 19 to begin once you
have 19 we’re going to be using the half double double crochet stitch so we’re
going to skip the first chain from the hook find the second chain in half
double crochet into it and we’re going to half double crochet into each chain
all the way across so at the end of row 1 you’ll have 18 stitches at the end of row 1 you should have 18
stitches you want to chain 1 and turn at the end of every row the chain 1 doesn’t
count as anything it’s just a turning chain so you’re going to work into the
first stitch or if you’re looking at a top down the second stitch the second
chain away from the hook so skip your turning chain half double crochet into
the first stitch and half double crochet into each stitch across you’ll still
have 18 stitches at the end of row 2 and at the end of this row we’ll chain 1 and
turn you’re going to chain 1 and turn at the
end of every row half double crochet in each stitch all the way across and
you’re going to work this simple little pattern back and forth for a total of 17
rows remember when you get to the end of each row that last stitch need to work
into can sometimes be pulled down the side a little bit so don’t miss it you
want to make sure you have 18 stitches in each row and that’s what it looks
like at the end of 17 rows you should have a little bit of a rectangle showing
here your piece of fabric or your rectangle should be about 15 almost 15
centimeters or almost 6 inches wide by approximately 17 centimeters or about 6
and 3/4 inches tall so that’s how big your piece of material should be and now
we’re going to do a little folding so don’t fasten off you can pull up on your
loop a little bit just to get your hook out of the way we want to find the fifth row from the
bottom so that’s the fifth row from the bottom count up five rows you should
have a little Ridge here that’s the ridge of row six you’re going to take
the top edge and fold it down so that it’s in alignment with the top of row
five so it looks like that then you’re going to take the bottom and flip it
over top of the first half so there’s a little bit of overlap it doesn’t
completely come to the very edge you can take your crochet hook and put it back
in that loop tighten it up and if you feel you need to you can pin this whole
thing into place or put some clips on it but all we’re going to do now is just
slip stitch up the edge so you can chain one if you didn’t already and you’re
just going to poke your hook through all three layers of crochet so that first
stitch doesn’t have to be very neat and tight but make sure you’re going through
all three layers of crochet and just slip stitch so there’s one layer two
layer three layers it’s a little easier to see now now you’re just going to slip
stitch through all three layers so all three layers you make sure you’ve got
all three there just grab your yarn and slip stitch you’re going to do this all
the way to the very edge so make sure you’ve caught all three layers grab your
yarn and slip stitch you’re working about an inch or I should say a stitch
in from the edge go make sure you have all three layers
and that it hasn’t moved too much hand slip stitch and then the last slip stitch will
probably just be through the sort of the fold at the end there we go and you
should have something that looks like this so you’ve got a little bit of sort
of yarn running across the bottom and some surface chains running across the
top this is going to be the inside of your little pocket so it doesn’t really
matter can be as messy as it needs to be you can snip your yarn now fasten off
and take a moment to weave in both of those ends so your little one and your
long one all right so that’s one edge all seemed up nice and neat and tidy
I’ve woven in both my ends remember this is the inside so it doesn’t have to look
super fancy and there’s sort of an example of the fold right there now we
want to do the other side so you want to make sure that you’ve got your fold nice
and neat and tidy in alignment grab your yarn we’re gonna start with a slipknot
and it doesn’t matter what side you start on I’m gonna start on the thickest
side just slip your hook right through the edge right through all three of
those pieces and make sure you get the working tail you’re going to join with a
slip stitch and now we’re just going to do the same thing down this side so just
right make sure you’re going through all three layers just jam your hook through
there if you have to separate it to make sure you’ve got all three go ahead there
we go and again and you’re going to do this same thing all the way down this
edge and your last couple stitches are going to be you want to just sort of
like pull that tail or that edge so that you’re about your last stitch is just
through that fold and most of this flap is sewn down it’s okay if it comes up a
little bit in the middle cause it’s gonna want to do that naturally anyway
just slip stitch all the way down try to keep those stitches nice and tight doesn’t matter how many you do because
all we’re doing is a seam it’s a little firmer than sewing and of course it’s
not sewing its crochet okay so once you’ve got a nice tight little seen
there same thing fasten off and you can take a moment to weave in both of those
ends and you should have something that looks like this now once you’ve woven in
those ends you can flip your little pocket right side out so one little
thing is going to fold in the other one’s gonna sit on top you can just push
out those little corners so you have a nice even little rectangle and there you
go there is your little pocket there’s no need for a button closure if you
wanted to you could add a little bit of velcro in here that’s just a really make
sure it doesn’t open but this fold-over is basically allowing
for an easy access so you can take some of your tissues if you’ve got travel
tissues they’ll probably already come fold like this or you can take the
tissues that come out of a big sort of rectangular box fold them in half and
then fold that in half again and you’ll get like this nice little rectangle
shape and then you can just tuck a few into your little pocket there we go and you can pop it into your
bag your backpack your purse whatever wherever you think you might need maybe
even the car wherever you might need some quick tissues that you can grab and
it’s easy to just sort of pull one out and keep going and there’s a very simple
little travel tissue case pretty handy pretty quick I love this little thing
it’s definitely going to be in my purse and I’m probably gonna make one for each
of my bags including my travel crochet kit just so I can reach in and grab a
tissue if I need it we’re kind of still in the middle of flu season and then
it’s allergy season and then it’s just balling in a sad movie season so I
always need a tissue in my bag we also want to thank all of our family members
for helping us choose which project we were going to make this week by taking
part in our little wet so we stitch up together poll and if you’re curious
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read all about it that’s it for this week everyone we hope you enjoyed making
this little project along with us and we will see you soon here on the data
Instituto until then stay safe stay crafty
and how about wonderful week bye everybody hi everyone this is mom wound
stitches thank you for watching here are a few other videos you might
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bell thank you have a wonderful day

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