Touring my Knitted Halloween Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to make a knitted pumpkin patch hello I’m Kristen and welcome to studio
knit I am in my studio and so excited to finally share my yarn bombing project
with you I’ve actually been working on this and secret for two full years so
I’m excited to tell you all about how this came about and my creative process
bring you into the studio and then we are going to actually build yarn bomb at
sales force heart it’s amazing it is five stories high and it is right next
to a fairly new building in San Francisco called Salesforce tower which
is now the tallest building in our city and to give you an idea of how big the
park is if you take Salesforce tower and you lean it on its side the park is
actually bigger than that so it’s amazing so when we were in the very
early planning stages they invited me to a hardhat tour so the park was totally
under construction and I had the opportunity to make sure I had all my
safety gear on and to tour the park as it was under construction and while I
was there I saw all of these trees being lifted by cranes all the way up and over
into the park five stories high so once I had the pumpkin patch idea then I went
on to my computer and I created a rendering using the photo of those
actual three trees and designing how I wanted it to look now I knew that I
wanted the trunks of the trees to resemble harvest corn that was something
that my mom always decorated our house with growing up and I just think it’s so
beautiful and pumpkins I love knitting pumpkins you guys know that I have a
great pumpkin knitting pattern that’s free I will put that in the description
for you as well and they are 3d I did not want just flat designs on the tree I
wanted it to have depth and dimension and interest in something that had never
been seen before so I presented my idea to the event
managers at Salesforce Park they thought it was great they did have one
suggestion they said how are you going to attach the pumpkins because if you
attach them onto the vine maybe just like by the stem people especially the
kids are going to be very tempted to want to grab it and try and pull it off
the vine so I came up with idea for that what I did instead of knitting all six
wedges of the pumpkin I only knitted five and then I cut felt
and I sewed felt around stuffing the pumpkin as I went so that I could create
a wedge an empty wedge and I could put it in sort of embed it into the tree so
that took a while to figure out but it seems like it’s really working out let’s
get to the numbers of it all I have knitted 48 pumpkins 25 of these little
flowers and for the vines so many I chords that if you string them all along
it would be nine stories tall for these three trees combined all of the yarn
that I handed it 160,000 feet of yarn so what and I spent well over 300 hours
knitting if you are in the area the last two weeks of October October 19 through
the 31st please stop by take selfies hashtag studio knit I’d love to see your
photos and I would love to see you there thanks
for watching guys

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