9 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Selling Rosaries at The Catholic Company

  • VERY disappointed with the service received from the Catholic Company. Items ordered were not delivered as promised. I paid an additional $28.45 for 2-day delivery. CC held on to the order for 24 hours before processing. While speaking with manager, Cindy, she was very condescending then said it was my fault for not ordering the items earlier. Even thought I ordered items on Wednesday she said they did not process the order until Thursday and they were not guaranteed to be delivered in 2-days. She said I should know that Saturday and Sunday are not business days. I do know if they sent it 2-days through FedEx, FedEx does deliver on Saturdays. I don't think they should offer 2-day delivery if it's going to take 1 full day, 24 hours, to process the order. while speaking to Cindy she interrupted me several times to reiterate I should know what business days are and It's not their fault I don't know how to read or understand their disclaimer. Cindy's tone and comments were extremely unprofessional and insulting.

    I requested a tracking number and received no response. Unfortunately my god children did not receive the Easter gifts I ordered and my god mother also missed out on a special gift I had planned to give.
    I was very disappointed that I was not notified my order that I paid for 2-day delivery for would take 6 days to actually arrive…oh wait minus the weekend days it will only be 4-days

  • Rosaries make such thoughtful gifts for any occasion. Also, Rosary bracelets are beautiful..If I'm going to give a gift I want to give something that will increase their faith and prayers life.🌹

  • They all look cheap, go on eBay and buy yourself a nice vintage sterling rosary, you will luv it and it will last forever.

  • Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Catholic Company on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/catholic-company-review/ Thanks, Carl.

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