Tips for Clothing Repair with Patches : Appliqué Patches in Clothing Repair

Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now let’s
talk about appliqué patches. You can find lots of different appliqué patches in a fabric
store or a craft store. These are great for covering up all kinds of stains and holes
and rips. Just find the one that matches your garment, one that you like. There is all different
kinds. This sweater has a very large hole in it you can see here and I repaired it with
two appliqué patches. Let me show you how to apply an appliqué patch to a shirt. Now
I am going to show you how to apply an appliqué patch to a shirt. Here we have a small hole
in the bottom of the shirt and we’ve chosen our appliqué patch, a nice little blue butterfly
that matches the shirt and we are going to apply that either with a pin. You can hold
it down with a pin wherever you want to place it like this or you can use a little bit of
fabric glue, which I like to do. Just a little bit of fabric glue and that will hold it in
place. Make sure that it completely covers the hole and just let that dry.

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