What’s going on, guys? Today we’ve got little tiny, teeny, teeny, tiny homemade hooks and we’ve got homemade bamboo skewer rods We’re going to be doing some tiny micro fishing, smallest fish wins. This is my cousin, Stephen, by the way. [Stephen] Hey, what’s up? So I saw online, on YouTube, I saw a story about this this place in Japan where they were catching really tiny fish actually, the smaller the fish the better And they called it micro fishing and I kind of want to try that myself, it looked like a lot of fun so what I’ve done is I’ve made some really tiny hooks we’re trying to go for the smallest fish possible and the smallest hooks I could find in Walmart were way too big still so I’m going to be using these little tiny ones. So I made all of these hooks individually with a needle, a sewing needle, I got some really thin uh, needle nose pliers and I shaped thm into this they’re barbless they’re not super strong but I don’t need them to be really strong because I’m catching fish about this size. So I really need these tiny hooks to do that. So first thing we’re going to do is build our rod. I got this bamboo skewer from my kitchen cabinet and this material, bamboo, it’s flexible I think this’ll work pretty well for the micro fishing we’re doing today so first thing I’m going to do is cut a ltitle notch up here just so that I can tie my line on that alright, now my line will go around this notch in here so since I don’t have any kind of reel mechanis I’m just going to be dropping it so on this end I’ve tied four pound four pound line and how long should I make this? I’m going to make it long. Just like this I’m about to tie this one on It’s so tiny That’s literally the smallest I could make they eye and if you guys want to learn how I made this, I can make a tutorial, and make another video on it, I’m just not sure if you guys are interested in how to make this but it was really easy and really fun to make tie this on Tiny little itty bitty hook. Woah, there’s a bass right there There’s a bass, largemouth bass right there Yeah Oh, they’re coming through here, I see them I see’em, I see’em You got it, Stephen! Stephen got it! Ooh! [Stephen] So close.
So close! Ooh! I missed it Ugh! I missed it! I missed two right here Alright, I’m using just a little tiny tip of the super salty squid I’m just throwing it out there Ooh, I missed it Ooh, I missed it Oh, man, I missed that one. Man, these barbless hooks are hard to use because when you set the hook you really have to keep tension or they’ll shake you right off Hoo! Well they love the super salty squid Uuh! They’re all right here [Stephen] Ohh!! You got one?
[Stephen] Oh…. Got one, ohh!! Did you get that? I missed it! These barbless ones, they’re so hard to set! [Erin] It really makes a difference, huh? Yeah, I haven’t figured it out yet. Oh there’s a lot right here. [Erin] Yup, they’re going for it, ha ha! You’re welcome. Still, it’s too big. It’s too big. I want tinier. Wooh.. Hah! Guys, comment below, would you try this yourself? You know what, as a matter of fact I challenge you to make your own hook make your own rod go to your local fishing spot and catch a fish it look–it probably looks easier than it actually is I’ve missed probably a dozen fish now because of the barb, or the lack of the barb. [Stephen] Hey! Oooohhhhh! [Erin] Stephen caught one! [Erin] Yeah, Stephen! It’s tiny! How small? Is it smaller than the one I caught? [erin] Yes. Aw, man. Oh! Oh! Bum budum bum budum baaa! Bing bing bing bing! This is called a fall fish Oh, took my squid Good job Just take little bit off just like that an I’m putting it on the hook so it looks similar to like a swim jig like a little swimbait right here can you see? maybe it’ll attract some bass ooh, got one! I think I won with this one! The tiniest small mouth bass! That’s a small mouth Whoo! Look at that, look at that bend, look at that bamboo skewer bend Ooh! Dang it! Oh, nice, Stephen! Nice, oh I think you won, man, that’s a small one. [Stephen laughing] Got’em. Woww, sodaguu mayne [Stephen] Sodaguud, mang. Tiny, okay, you win. You won. For sure on a tiny hook Oop. Wooh! Right in this corner right here! Fall fish. Alright, the trick with these barbless hooks is to make sure you keep correct tension the whole time Stephen, drop it right in here Whoo! Wow. That was the second I dropped it. [Stephen] Woahh! Wow! Nice. Ooh hoo! On squid. Who would have thought freshwater fish would eat squid. Ha ha ha! So many I got the hang of it Look at my rod tip One after another Woah, this is different He looks different, you see the orange on him? Look at him, ooh see that’s the fun part about these little tiny fish they look so nice they look so cute They’re fun to catch, little fish. Oh, there’s a big bass right there Big fish, I gotta get this one off… [Erin] Wow. I’m trying to go for these bigger fish here Woo hoo! Ooh Did you get that? Fall fish Oh, woah! That’s a nice one [Erin] Did it break your stick? No, my stick is on its way out Alright guys, thank you for watching, that’s the end of it uh, I’ve caught so many fish that I’m pretty much bored now anyways, the super salty squid killed it today, I’m so happy that it works well in fresh water I hadn’t had the time to try out fresh water, if you want to try some super salty squid for yourself it’s available in the link in the description below hope you guys liked the episode, I had a lot of fun yeah, these little homemade hooks, they’re really fun, it took a little bit of getting used to because it was barbless but it was a challenge, a fun challenge but we’re getting bit up by mosquitos so we gotta go, see ya, guys!

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