Tığ İşi Örgü Boyunluk Yapımı

Hello everyone. Today, we will make a crochet neck collar. When you take a sidelong look, it looks like cardigan. But this one has knitted with a crochet needle. This pattern is very easy to make. I did this long because it will be moved around two times to the neck. This pattern is built on 190 half double crochets, with a nr.5 crochet needle. Now, I got a pattern that I started with a thick knit yarn we just use one layer in this. It looks chic and it also so easy. That one is not done yet, I am continuing it. To make this pattern, we will start with no-chain. Leaving a rope like that we will make a chain. One… …two… three chains. My rope is a thick one, and my crochet needle is nr.9. We left this rope there, because there is a hole at starting point. We will sew it. I made three chains. Going down for the first one. It will be a little bit hard for start because our needle is too thick. Increasing at two. Half double crochet for this side. Taking one… and two layers of ropes… and take them out. And two. Whipping our rope, and going down that double layer below. One… …two. First row will be hard, but it goes easier later on. You can make a collar in a couple of hours. Two. Look, in there, we won’t go down for one layer. But two of them. One… …two. It goes sideway. And it is not tight in lower part. I did 67 half double crochets with a thick rope. And I will show you how to bond them now. After we got 67 half double crochets, we straighten our rope. Bond them from the back, sorry and we whip them and we bond them again to our starting point. We usually go down this space at a common needle, or just to one layer. That one isn’t like that, we go down that knot in the back, and pull it out once. Whipping our rope, go down that knot in the back, pull it out once. Look We got a chain-like point in front. We go down for every knot back of it. and pull it down. Going down. It is so easy to do, especially with a thick rope. You can make it in a couple of hours. But in this process, you should not tighten our hand too much. Look. We will knit this space later. Only this space left to knit after all. I wanna show you a pattern that is in making process. I will knit this a few rows more. It takes one whole rope and a half. And there is another pattern formates here, you can use both sides. Look It’s a neck collar that is chic, comfy, fluffy. I will show how to make it once more. Once you make few rows, it comes so easy to go down after then. Good luck everyone, thank you for watching me. If you like the video, please hit like button and do not forget to subscribe. See you later 🙂

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