Throwing Traditional Japanese Pottery On the Wheel : Trimming a Bowl on a Clay Chuck

Alright, when you also; it’s o.k. if it’s
off centered but it’s not o.k. if it’s on top of this thing all catty whompis because
then your foot will be leaning off to one side; sometimes it’s cool because the pot
will slant off to the side but most of the time it just doesn’t work out and it just
looks like it was a mistake. So make sure that the top is level, that it’s not doing
this o.k. So what I like to do is get the wheel going first and establish; I’m going
to try to hold onto my trim here so I can recycle it but if it goes in my bucket that’s
fine. And establish the foot right here o.k. and then the bat; the bottom right here like
that. Now I’m going to get rid of that funky chunk right there o.k. Now from here you go…
and you can here that there’s plenty of clay there so we got more room to move.

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