Throwing a Ceramic Teapot : Ceramic Teapot Lid Lip Trimming

To trim off this piece here, of our lid which
is going to be sitting underneath our top part of our lid here, I’d like to recenter
the base of the tea pot. Or you can also use it before you pop it off the wheel, you can
trim this at that point. However I’d just like to stick this piece into my tea pot so
I know where it fits. And then I like to just turn the wheel. And you can see how that’s
not even on the top. We want to have it nice even. So we just want to kind of take it over,
center it up like so, until it looks about right. Now I’m going to judge and I’m going
to cut the top off this, leaving enough room on top to stick it to the other piece. I’m
going to take my pin tool and just start cutting into it like so, keeping it nice and steady.
Now you can see I’ve cut the top piece off. I now have a nice sleeve and I’m going to
use to attach onto my base like this and that whole thing now become the lid. So now we’ve
made the pieces of our lid and as you can see we have our top here. And the next thing
that we’re going to want to do is to assemble all these different pieces and put them all
together and also to pull a handle for the side of it. And I’m going to be showing you
how to do all of that in the next set of sequences.

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