The Wolf Of Wool Street (Done In 60 Seconds)

My name is Jordan Wolf, and I’m a really unlikeable
protagonist. You can make a lot of money on Wool Street,
and I ain’t Lion. Isn’t this basically Goodfellas, but with
bankers? Mm-hm. Yeah, that’s good. Hey! I wanna be rich too, can I be your monkey? Wow, not a lot of character development here, huh? I am the WORST ROLE MODEL EVER! Money’s awesome! Sell money! Buy money! Baah baah buy sell! Baah baah buy sell! We were making more money than we knew what
do with. We could buy all the toys we wanted. Money’s awesome! Arn’t you married? Married toys can’t have friends? We’re not going to be friends. Agent Goodguy, FBI. We know you’re doing illegal things! Duh! Have you seen our office? This is bad! We need to comically hide all of this money! But first let’s eat these old sweets I found. Urgh, will I ever get there? I’m the king of
the world! Ah, shut up Jordan, I want a divorce. It’s the pigs! FBI. Arrest that wolf! And the moral is I learned nothing.

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