The Olivia Flower Pattern | How to Crochet a Simple Flower (Easy Tutorial) ๐ŸŒบ

Hey everybody and welcome to my channel.
Today I wanted to show you how to crochet these super simple and textured
yet elegant flowers. Now if this is your first visit to my channel it would be
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notification so you don’t miss out on any of my future videos. Now for this
petal technique I saw this demonstrated on a beautiful video where they’re made
in a big long round and rolled up into a rose. I will link to that video in
the description box below so don’t forget to take a moment to just expand
the box down there by clicking the little arrow so you can watch that video.
Now I believe it is in Spanish but you can follow along just by watching. The Rose was absolutely stunning and I made one but I found that it was taking
just fractionally a bit too long for my liking because I am an impatient kind of
girl so I wanted to take the absolutely beautiful petal technique and apply it
to something a bit quicker, a bit simpler and a bit faster. Hence this little
flower has been born but full credit to that video which I’ve linked to below
for showing me this really pretty technique for the petals themselves.
Alright let’s jump straight into how we make these flowers. Now I’m going to be
using a 4 millimeter crochet hook and some cotton yarn from mine (just normal
double knit) but these will work for any yarn and any corresponding hook size. With my yellow I’m going to start by making a magic ring. Now if you don’t
know how to make magic ring, I do have a video on how to do just that which I’ve
linked to in the description box below or a little “i” will have popped up over
here. Now from the magic ring you’re going to chain one quite loosely, it’s
like a tall loose chain which does not count as a stitch, then into the magic
ring you’re going to place 12 double crochet stitches. So once you have your 12 double crochet,
you can go ahead and close your magic ring but don’t pull it all the way
closed just yet because you don’t want to lose the top of this first double
crochet, and you want to go ahead and slip stitch to the top of that first
double crochet ignoring the chain one. Cut your yarn, leaving a decent long
length for weaving in afterwards. Then you can go ahead and pull that yarn
through and finish closing the magic ring at the back pull it nice and tight. Then weave in your end of the yellow. Don’t forget to also weave in the end of
your Magic Circle. Now we are going to do the petals, so put
your hook underneath that double crochet, next to where you slip stitched and
bring in your petal colour. Pop a slip knot on your hook and bring
that loop to the front of your work. Now to begin your first petal, chain 5
and working back into this exact same stitch that you’ve just joined your yarn to,
we are going to be doing trebles. American term trebles,
which is a yarn over twice. So yarn over twice, go into that stitch, come back
through. You’ll have four loops on your hook. Yarn over, pull through two, yarn
over, pull through two and then stop. So you want to leave that first treble and
all the remaining treble stitches unfinished. Now we want seven of these
half finished treble stitches in total all working into this same stitch. Things
are going to get pretty tight but bear with it. So yarn over twice, go back into
the same stitch and yarn over, pull through two, yarn over pull through two
and stop at that point. So seven of those in total – we’ve done two I need 5 more. Alright. Once you have your seven part
finished trebles hanging from your hook, you got
your chain five and your seven, you’ll have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight loops on your hook; now we’re going to work them off Tunisian crochet
style. So you’re going to yarn over and pull through the first loop. Then for the
remaining loops yarn over pull through two. Yarn over pull through two. Keep
doing that until you only have one loop remaining on your hook Then we’re going to skip this chain five
and we’re going to be working in between your first trebles. So in here. Skip
here put your hook straight in at the top and do a single crochet. Single crochet in between the next two trebles and single crochet in between the next.
So you’ll have three single crochets. Chain two and place a single crochet
back into that same space then we’re going to work three more single crochets
in between your stitches. Chain five and then slip stitch back
into this exact same space where all those stitches have been placed. It’s
pretty tight in there but that causes these petals to curve. Now you’re going
to skip the next stitch, which is pretty much crushed and hiding so you may need
to pull things around, skip this stitch here and put a slip stitch into the next.
So skip one, slip stitch into the next, then we’re going to repeat the petals.
It’s a chain five then we’re going to do seven
half-finished trebels into this same stitch. Once you have your seven half-finished
treble stitches and your eight loops on your hook, yarn over pull through one
loop and then yarn over pull through two. Ignore your chain five and work in
between the treble stitches; three single crochet chain 2 and place a single crochet back
into that same space. So you have single crochet, chain two, single crochet and
then three more single crochet in between your trebles. Chain 5 and slip stitch back into that same
stitch. Skip a stitch, slip stitch into the next and repeat this petal four more
times around. So petal, skip a stitch, petal, skip a stitch, petal, skip a stitch –
keep going and you’ll end up with six petals. When you’ve done your last petal, cut
your yarn leaving a decent length to weave in, pull that yarn through and you’ll see that all your petals have got
one curled side and one flatter side and you want to place the curled sides
behind the petals (if they’ll stay there) but that’s the direction you want your
flower to be going, so the curled sides are behind. Then grab your needle
and weave in this end. Now for this final petal I like to attach it to this first
one just for security but it’s totally up to you and that’s all there is to it! So these
flowers get really quick once you get used to this sort of half normal crochet
half Tunisian crochet style of working if you want your flowers to truly stick
up you could of course stitch the petals together to force them in that shape but
I quite like the fact that you can flatten them out if you want to or you
can have them more curved depending on the look you want to go for. So I hope
you enjoyed this tutorial, as I said I have linked to the video below, which
shows how you make a beautiful rose using this petal technique with just a
few more stitches in between and it would be amazing if you haven’t already,
if you hit that subscribe button or perhaps share this video with someone
who you think may also enjoy making these really pretty little 3d textured
simple flowers. So until next time happy crocheting! Bye! ๐Ÿ™‚

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