The Old Show: Luigi and Bowsette – Cartoon Hook-Ups

Hey… Oh, hi! So… what are you thinking? I’a forgot my coloring book. I’m sorry? It’s okay. No, I… what is wrong with this freakin place?? Are you kidding me? I’m stuck in the poop! Someone please! Send for help! Is that a’Mario? What did you do to him? I didn’t… look, everyone, just leave. Don’t… don’t even look at her…. Oh, my god!!! Thank you so much for watching. Please hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and suggest your favorite characters in the comment section below. And make sure to subscribe to all of the Wink Cartoon Universe Channels, especially Cartoon Pick-Ups, where we just released this video with Sonic pick up lines. Alright folks, we’ll see you next time. Peace out, homies!

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