The Long Single Crochet Spike Stitch – CC by Marcelo Moya M.

Now we gonna work some long stitches the long
stitch is simple the same stitch worked a few rows below the stitch that you current
on it can be a short long stitch or a long long stitch and it can be worked in single
crochet, double crochet and triple crochet whatever stitch that you want to use let’s
make a single crochet long stitch we are not going to go into the stitch that it would
normally go into this it would be my next stitch we are not going in into that one I’m
gonna go into the row below and I’m just going to make a single crochet now the important
thing is to bring your stitch up to height so I’ve inserted my stitch the row below
and now you over encounter it then when I bring my go to loop up I pull it to the height
of my other stitches and I can make a single crochet then I can make another long stitch
no in this stitch that is next but in the one below in that’s one long stitch of a single
crochet I can also chose to make the stitch two rows below so I would insert my hook two
rows below you now encounter it then I got to bring my loop up to height and finish my
single crochet and I can even go into the row below that you now over encounter it bring
my loop up to height then I can go for wanting to make e little decoration here I can then
go back to my second loop and then to my first loop that gives me various lengths of
long stitch but this are all singles crochets but this are all singles crochets worked in a row below the one that I’m on and when I came back to
work on this row I have my stitches that I can work into

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