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[MUSIC] It’s a hot one buddy. I’m excited.>>I am too.>>I love playing out west.>>The golf is amazing out here too. And the golf ball goes longer too.>>You gotta consider that.>>It’s been shorter in my recent years so
that could be a good help.>>Yup.
If you can’t handle the heat. Then you can’t handle
the heat as they say.>>Get out of the kitchen.
[MUSIC]>>Hey everybody, I’m Charles Kelley
from Lady Antebellum and when I’m not in the studio like this,
recording or out on the road performing,
I’m out here playing golf. [SOUND] No matter how long
I’ve played this game, there is one person I cannot seem to beat.>>I’m John, Charles’ big brother. Charles plays all over the world, but the truth is he has no idea what
real competition is anymore. So I’m gonna take him on. Any time, any place.>>So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go all around the country and
play as much golf as we can. And I’ve got some surprises. I’m gonna bring some
celebrity friends along. Celebrity or sports star. It doesn’t matter.>>They’re going down.
[MUSIC]>>Charles, we have been
driving it seems like forever. Where are we going?>>Trust me, trust me,
I’m gonna go take a little left. I gotta see a guy about a thing. What is this?>>Just chill out man I
got this figured out. Pull right up here.>>Give me a second, I’ll be back,
I wanna get out here.>>What in the world are we doing?>>Hey!
>>What’s up, man?>>How you doing, buddy?>>Good to see you, bro.>>Today my secret
weapon is Darius Rucker. My best friend in country music and
a damn good golfer.>>Thanks for doing this man–
>>Dude, your bus is sweet man, these floors —
>>All of this is from some
seventeenth century barn. I love the fridge, I love the brick.>>Can I make me an adult beverage?>>Of course you can,
whatever you want right is right in there.>>Baby, this is a true tour bus.>>[LAUGH] That’s a tour bus right there. [MUSIC].>>What are we doing? It’s taking forever.>>So how’s the tour been going, man?>>Good man, it’s been fun so far.>>I love the single.>>I think our song is gonna be,
maybe the next single.>>Awesome.>>I’m excited.
>>That’s really epic.>>How’s your record going?>>Good, we finished a record,
we started our tour. We all have little kids now,
so you know how that goes.>>I know how that goes.>>Like traveling and
family circus out there now. Now it’s hilarious. [MUSIC]>>I’m tired of this,
I’ve been dealing with this all my life. Waiting and waiting for
these younger brothers. This new millennial generation,
I don’t understand it. [MUSIC]>>What are we doing here,
what’s happening?>>All right, so I’m fired up, man. My brother John, he used to play
college golf, played a little pro golf. And he just thinks he’s
the best golfer in the world. It just drives me nuts. I just wanna kinda bring him down a peg,
and you’re my ringer.>>[LAUGH]
>>I know you play every day.>>I do [LAUGH], I play a lot. Let’s get him, I’m in.>>Let’s do it. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] Finally.>>[SOUND]
>>My God.>>Hello, John.>>Y’all have set this thing up. Man, how you doing? Get us in.>>Yeah.
>>I’m going to kick your butt.>>So you all been in there, while
I’ve been in there bowling in the sun.>>[LAUGH] Exactly. Now you’ve got, we had to make you sweat.>>So what kind of game have
you all figured out now.>>You talk a big game, and
I want to do a little best ball. Two of us versus you.>>I feel like we got you.>>I’ve been working out, I’m ready.>>Really, you look good.>>I’m fired up. Okay, let’s go do this. [MUSIC] Alright dude.
>>Ready?>>Hell yeah. I got some room in the cart right there?>>Nah this is me and Charles’ cart.>>What? Am I walking?
What am I doing?>>Woo.>>What are we surfing today,
what is this?>>It’s all you man. This is all I got left. I mean you can walk. I can make that work. Do they have good insurance here?>>[LAUGH]
>>All right. Let’s do it boys.>>That’s it.
>>All right. We’ll see you up there. We’ll see on the first tee.>>All right.
>>Let’s do it.>>So
>>It’s like a surf board.>>He’s going to kill himself.
>>Yeah. I know.>>[LAUGH]
>>Are you stuck?>>[LAUGH]
>>Wait til I tell my kids about this. [MUSIC]>>All right, before we start.>>All right.>>Our challenge today. Just because, of course, you have played
professional golf and college golf. Darius and I, our best score versus yours,
and what are we gonna play for.>>I think the loser should have
to go to the box office and buy a ticket to the show tonight.>>I would love nothing more than for
you to walk up to that [LAUGH] ticket and have to pay to your own show, I like that.>>All right, that’s the deal.>>All right it’s a deal.>>Let’s do this.>>Watch out for that rock and water.>>[LAUGH]
>>You watch out for that rock.>>[MUSIC] Good ball.
>>Good ball. Good ball.>>A little short, but in the fairway. [LAUGH]
>>Already talking the trash talk.>>My whole life, growing up. I mean,
you can’t do anything that was well done.>>That was just a good,
solid shot on the first hole, I am going to give you some credit.>>Thank you. [MUSIC] Bingo.>>Darius.
>>You could put like a wash cloth on those two.>>That’s so solid. Leave me hanging.>>I would never do that. [MUSIC]>>Watch out for that rock.>>I’m going over the rock. [MUSIC]>>He is going over there.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]
>>Man down. [MUSIC]>>Lost half my drink. It’s amazing y’all could put
a blanket over your two balls here.>>Well that’s serious teamwork.>>We have a unity. Ebony and ivory.>>What a swing Darius.>>Good ball.
[MUSIC] Okay.
>>Good ball, Charles.>>Right next to each other, once again. We’ll keep this all day long.>>You all literally like
another blanket away.>>That’s the way we play.>>Most people would think
this is a difficult shot.>>But not for you, right? Yeah, we know.>>While you do that,
I’m just gonna kinda…>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>It’s fun until someone gets whiplash.>>All right you’re not going
to put a leg up on the hill?>>Maybe I’m just trying
to feel it out first.>>There you go. Wow.>>Great shot.>>Why you got to always show off? [MUSIC] Whoa.>>Be careful coming down this hill. [MUSIC] Winds against us, pins in the back. I’m gonna go with a six iron Darius.>>Okay.>>No.>>Look at the wind grab that.>>I think that’s in the water. That was not a good one.>>No it was not.>>I need you partner. I got it.>>[SOUND]
>>Yeah, very good, very good!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Putt.>>You got a 100 foot putt, but it’s a good shot, putt.>>[LAUGH]
>>But what I’m doing, I’m doing a whole different method. It’s called old school golf right here.>>Just hit it. No that’s pretty good.>>Great swing.>>Thank you.
>>Goodness.>>Old school golf. Sometimes you’ve gotta teach
these new guys new methods. Old methods.>>That wasn’t my best shot buddy. I’m sorry.
>>I’m telling you man, my brother like it’s a psych thing. It gets to my head.>>That’s what big brothers do, I guess. [MUSIC] You see it?>>I think you’re right there.>>I’ll do this.>>That’s dedication right
there from my partner.>>That’s why I’m talking about. Hey, watch out for rattlesnakes.>>[LAUGH]
>>What a shot!>>Golf shot.>>That’s my partner right there.>>Unbelievable.>>It was touch and
go there for a second, but all it takes is one good shot to get
you back in the game so I’ll take it. All right, Darius.
[MUSIC] That was great speed.>>That’s not a bad putt.>>Hey, Charles?>>Yeah, buddy.>>You still got some water on your legs? You wanna clean that ball off for me?>>[LAUGH]
>>Birdie for the win, no pressure.>>I think it’s gonna be really,
really slow.>>I think you’re right.
[MUSIC]!>>So we’re still in it.>>Gosh that was a good putt though.>>All right you’re
gonna have to mark that. You got a little bit of
chicken left on that bone.>>Everybody’s put for par, right?>>Everybody’s put for par. One of us needs this to make
this the move to the play off. [MUSIC]>>There he is!>>Aah!>>There he is! You know what? You’ve done it all day! [LAUGH]
>>Let me get that for you.>>All day long.
[LAUGH]>>Good putt, Darius.>>That makes mine good, so
if this goes in, we go to the playoff?>>Yup. [MUSIC] Nice.>>All right,
guess we gotta do a playoff, boys. What do you want to do?>>I say out of the sand.>>Bunker?
Which bunker?>>Downhill, downwind.>>Nasty, all right.>>That’s not very nice.>>We’ll do it.
[MUSIC]>>We’re doing this? This bunker?
>>That bunker. Closest to the pin wins it.>>What are we gonna do this for?>>It’s for the whole win.>>It’s for the win. Who loses gotta go buy
a ticket to the show.>>Gotta buy a ticket to the show.>>Gotta go to the box office and
buy a ticket.>>I love it.
Good luck. [MUSIC] [SOUND]. You got a partner dude.>>Ugh. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>What a shot!>>My goodness.>>Stop right there.>>I can already smell
the money coming out of John’s pocket paying for that ticket.>>So I gotta play to win. [MUSIC]>>Champion!>>He got too greedy.>>We’re playing this out?>>No, that’s it.
That’s the way the cookie crumbles. [MUSIC] Box office.
Don’t go cheap on me today. We got to get the best
tickets in the house.>>He’d like two tickets.>>I need some really good seats because.. uhhh…>>Because he lost a bet.>>Beautiful.>>two ten.
>>Enjoy your show.>>Alright thank you darling. Hey you’re a good man.>>Thank you.
>>Have you ever bought a Darius Rucker ticket?>>No. But it feels good, it feels really good.>>Let’s do it.>>I want to see the stage.>>Yeah, let’s go in the theater for
a second.>>Dude, stage set up.>>Ready to go man.>>Awesome.>>Sweet.>>Can I hop on those drums
>>[CROSSTALK] back. [MUSIC] Yeah. I’m looking at your set list.>>Let Her Cry…>>All these years you
still love to play man.>>I started with Hootie when I was 19 so
32 years playing in the damn band.>>First time I met Darius,
you know we meet each other and I said I’ve gotta send you this
video of me as a boy playing, Hold My Hand
>>It was us. You were on the drums and
Josh was playing and I was singing. We were playing Hold My Hand. And I think I was probably 14.>>You were probably 14 tops yeah.>>I can tell you it was
literally two minutes later we’re getting in a fight because.>>Yeah we always got in fights.>>[LAUGH] He wasn’t
hitting the right thing and so I’d get up to him and
say no you got to hit it right here.>>The thing is the older brother always.>>Given up the [CROSSTALK].>>And I wasn’t even a musician. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]
>>On the golf course.>>Dude I heard you sing,
I wouldn’t say that.>>I love coming here before the show,
cuz it’s quiet. You know, you come out here and
this place is gonna be packed.>>So you got anything special in store?>>I’ll play a couple of new songs today,
that’s off the record coming out.>>Yeah.>>Got Charles,
that’s gonna be a surprise.>>Yeah, Darius and Luke Bryan.>>Got a little song on his record.>>Yeah, we do.
>>That we’re doing.>>Very excited about that.>>That’s the cool thing about our genre.>>It is.
>>We’re all good buddies.>>Yeah.
>>And we’re all rooting for each other, and it’s fun.>>And I bet you feel the same way
about it, I always say I play two and a half hours, two hours for free.>>Yeah.
>>They pay me to travel.>>Just to travel, exactly.>>And leave my family and all that stuff. There’s some moments when you’re
playing a show where you look up and you go, I do this for
a freaking living man.>>It’s a lot of fun.>>[LAUGH]
>>It is.>>It’s unbelievable>>Being out here on the road, it’s like my two biggest loves. I mean, behind of course are family, God. You get golf and music,
man, it’s the best. It’s the best way to make a living.>>I love it.

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