Thazhava Village: Weaving Elegant Screw-Pine Mats | Kerala Handicraft Village

In the outskirts of Kollam there’s a pretty little hamlet renowned for making elegant pieces of traditional Kerala mats. This is the village of Thazhava one of the oldest craft in Kerala weaving of
screw pine mats stretches back to several hundred years For the village folk of Thazhava, screw pine weaving was more than an livelihood It was in fact a way of life and even today they continue to craft this unique article with the expertise handed over
from generations. Screw pine is also called Thazha in Malayalam the vernacular language of the people of Kerala. It is the leaves of the screw pine plant which is used for making these cozy mats which can even be used for sleeping. crafted with hand these screw pine mats
are noticed for being ideal in both warm and cold climates Back in olden times these traditional
mats were offered as souvenirs to eminent visitors to the state. The village with its unique
craftsmanship is worth a visit for travelers seeking to explore the ethnic
and cultural undertones of the village A visit to Thazhava may also be clubbed
with other tourist attractions such as Kollam beach Paravur Lake Monroe Island and so on

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