STRETCHY BIND OFF 💖 Step by Step Slowly with Studio Knit

This easy Stretchy BIND OFF is my favorite way to have the finished edge be really flexible. hi I’m KRISTEN thank you for joining me here at STUDIO KNIT. the regular bind-off technique can make your edge really rigid so it doesn’t have any stretch enter this stretchy bind-off this is a knitting technique that I’m using in the upcoming BERNAT STITCH ALONG thank you to JOANN for partnering with me on this project and sponsoring the announcement in this video the STITCH ALONG begins September 17th and I will let you know a little bit more about it at the end of this video and have a link down in the description below so let’s knit it up we begin by simply knitting that first stitch that’s step one knitting blind stitch now step two is wrapping our working yarn clockwise that’s why I put cw for clockwise one time around step 3 knitting one stitch and then the magic happens in step four where we take those first two stitches right here one and two and we are going to pass it over the last stitch so we take our left needle and we pick up those first two stitches and we pass it over the last stitch and we go all the way down the row repeating steps two three and four so let’s do it again together so step two is we wrap clockwise and then step three is knitting one stitch and step four is where we pass those two stitches take our left needle get it right under those two stitches and pass it over the last stitch okay let’s do it one more time here so you don’t have to rewind the video we’re going to wrap the yarn one time clockwise step three we are knitting one stitch and then to finish it up we just pick up those first two stitches with our left needle and we pass them over the last it now just keep on going all the way down and let’s see how we do it at the end so when you have one stitch on your left needle then you wrap that yarn around you do your one knit stitch and then you’re just finishing it up by doing your last step which is passing those two stitches over of course you are going to cut your yarn get that tapestry needle and you can weave in your ends so just take out your knitting needle bring your yarn through and weave in your ends and you are done I really love the stretchy BIND OFF in the BERNAT STITCH ALONG because i’m finding that the different sections of my blanket are fitting best together when the finished edges have more give to them with this technique I am going to be announcing a new mystery clue each week so week one you will find it over on the BERNAT STITCH ALONG Facebook page I have links to everything you need to know in the description below and where to go and from there we are going to be creating a beautiful Afghan over the course of six weeks we also have some bonus projects so weeks one two and three there’s a really comfy pillow and then weeks four through six there’s also a basket those are totally optional of course you can pick and choose which projects you’d like to do but they have been designed that you can complete them all over the course of these six weeks I really hope that you join along in the upcoming BERNAT STITCH ALONG it’s going to be so much fun again thank you so much for watching and I will see you here next time guys. BYE!

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