Stitch Along: Crochet Spring Garden Afghan Introduction

Ohhhh yes! It’s that sound again, that’s right, it’s stitch a long time with our friends over at I’m your host Mikey of The Crochet Crowd. We have a brand new afghan that we’re gonna work on together this spring. Hey, do you have a green thumb? Hmm, no!, Okay, let’s stick with the yarn and let’s have some fun and create our own spring garden. What we’re going to do this time around is that we are going to complete some flat squares and then we’re gonna have another type of textured square and then another type of textured square to take us through five weeks of this mystery. Joann has just launched some new color shades called the Calico collection featuring these beautiful shades and more. So you may wanna get your hands on those just in time for this stitch along because I’m just saying the final sample looks incredible. There’s three types of squares and this particular blanket is made up of granny squares that are seven by nine. So you can come up with a really cool combination to make your afghan just go pop. Now she’s suggesting either four balls of Caron One Pound yarn that you see or three balls of Caron One Pound yarn and then one ball of Caron Jumbo and you’ll see how that will work together. But I don’t want you to get trapped into the colors because there’s so many amazing colors with Caron One Pound you can literally just crochet the rainbow in the form of your flowerbed this year. So if this sounds good for you, it’s good for me. So let’s get along and let’s work together as a community. Let’s post our stuff on Facebook and don’t forget to use your hashtags of #handmadewithjoann when doing social updates on Instagram and Facebook, so let’s get started and I’ll see you over at week number one.

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