Step 2: Crochet X Marks the Spot Afghan

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at Today we’re gonna move on to step number two of doing this afghan. This is X Marks the Spot. So we’re going to be adding an overlay to the existing granny square that you have. You should have six rounds in this at this time, and now we’re gonna play and do some overlays. So you’re going to notice that this will get bigger here on the corners, and don’t worry about this gapping space later we’ll fill that in later as we’re continuing this. So what you’re gonna be noticing is that we are going to be starting off up here and then doing front post um, single crochets as an overlay that’s gonna go over top. So let’s zoom in and take a closer look. So we’re gonna start this off and we’re gonna work our way around this and we’re gonna do an overlay plus we’re gonna be expanding on the outside here. So it’s gonna get bigger. So these squares are not the full size at this time. So starting in the middle one we’re gonna slip stitch and then chain one and then within the same one we’re gonna single crochet. We’re gonna chain one and in these corner spaces there’s a lot of stuff going on. So we have a single, half, three doubles, half and a single all within that spot. Then we’re going to chain one and come to the middle one right here and single crochet. And then we’re gonna then proceed as an overlay all the way down to the middle spot right here. And so it’s a front post single crochet around the middle sec uh, posts all the coming all the way down and then we’re gonna single crochet three, sorry we’re gonna chain three’s going up and then we’re gonna go to the next corner just like you see. So you wanna concentrate here is that you’re finishing off the front post single crochet on the second layer down and then you’re just chaining a three and then you’re applying this stitch here. So what you have to concentrate on the most is that just pay attention to where things are falling at this particular spot and you will notice that it’s for example, this will be going right into here and et cetera. So um, just pay attention to this at this time and we’re gonna then demonstrate now. Okay, so let’s begin. Just leave it at extra long tail in. I found the first time around doing all of the 20 at the, at the same time was a little bit longer than all the rest has a lot more stitch work in the corner. So it takes a little bit longer and it’s coming all the way down to the middle point as well. So we’re gonna start off in the one just before the corner in the middle one and we’re going to attach it. So you have a choice. You can either attach it, chain one, single crochet, or you can do a standing single crochet. So let me just get you in a little bit closer here so that you can see and all I wanna do is I have it on the hook already just scoop it and then just pull up. So you see two loops and then just pull through and that will be your single crochet. You’re going to chain one and if you just wanna put this around the outside here you can do that as well. And in the corner you’re going to do a single, a half, three doubles. So 1, 2 and 3, but you’re not done yet. There’s still more. You’re gonna do a half and one single is left like so. So now you’re gonna chain one and you’re gonna single crochet in the middle one of the first grouping of three. And now we’re gonna come down and do the surface overlay. So you’re gonna chain three. So 1, 2, 3 and come to the second layer down to the middle one and do a front post single crochet and then chain three, so 1, 2, 3 and coming down and 1, 2, 3, keep going down. So you’re going down on an angle, 1, 2, 3, keep going and then 1, 2, 3, keep on going. So you go down all the way to the very middle one here, and I’m gonna back you out a little bit here and uh, and then you’re just gonna head on up. So when you head on up you’re gonna chain three first and then jump back up to the next layer up and then work your way out to the corner. So keep doing that and I’ll meet you on the corner in just a moment. So I’m on the second layer down just like you see and now I’m gonna chain three and then I’m going to start wrapping around that corner. So go to the middle one here first single crochet, chain one and now jump to the corner. So it’ll be a single crochet, okay, one half and three doubles. So 1, 2 and 3, okay one half and one single. And once you’ve just spun around there just chain up one come to the first grouping of three just go to the middle one single crochet and then chain three and then start dipping down again to the next layer down and do a front post single crochet. So please do that all the way around and you will have an X at the end of this and I’ll see you at the end. So at the end of your round, you’re just gonna chain three and then just join it to the first single crochet. I’m recommending that you hide in the yarn tails in now. Grab your tapestry needle and weave them in. I’ll show it to you one time in this series if I haven’t already showed you before. I’m not, I can’t remember. So just turn it over to the back side and using your tapestry needle I want you to hide in the yarn tails as you go. It’ll be less daunting at the end of this and it just takes a few uh, moments. So just gliding it through the back and I would take it through the center of the, of the corner so just pulling it so it just holds it but not tight as far as like tension and then just go back and forth three times on the back side like so. And then you can get rid of that. So if you also did the standing single crochet and you hit it right over top of the corner when you did it you can also get rid of that without having to sew. So at this time then you will have this complete and this is what it will look like and you’re ready now first step number three. 🧶

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